Everything You Should Know About Window Replacement Services in Calgary

Are you considering window replacement in Calgary? There are several window companies offering a wide range of products. The best choice for your project primarily depends on factors like price, customer service, and quality. That said, the best companies usually offer many other perks to make the project more cost-effective. With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know before hiring a window replacement service.


When do you need window replacement services?

The average lifespan of window systems is 15 to 25 years, so it’s time to think about window replacement in Calgary if your windows are around this age. The seals gradually deteriorate and fail as they approach the end of their service life, causing water seepage and drafts. The standard single-pane windows from over 15 years ago also lack insulation and energy efficiency compared to modern double and triple-pane windows.

Aside from age, there are other instances when a window replacement service in Calgary makes sense:

  • The current ones are damaged beyond repair and too expensive to fix.
  • Your energy bills are higher, and there’s no other explanation.
  • Drafty windows
  • Excessive fogging
  • The furniture and carpet near the windows are faded
  • They don’t dampen sound from outside


Get energy-efficient windows from an established and reputable company.

When replacing your windows, always consider Energy Star-rated products. Find a reputable company that can customize them to your exact specification. Some service providers also support causes, such as planting a tree for every window they install.

Get a quote

Compare window replacement services in your area by requesting a quote from at least two prospects. The estimate should be free, but be sure to choose a service provider soon as some have a time limit on their quote, such as one month from the date it was given.


You may get rebates and incentives.


Window replacement in Calgary could make you eligible for incentives and rebates through offers like Efficiency Manitoba, Manitoba Hydro, and Canada Greener Homes Grant. Eligibility depends on certain factors, such as the type and number of windows you install and its Energy Star rating (at least 34 or 40). Check with the installer for more details to see if you qualify.


About The Company

Arctic Star Windows specializes in selling, installing, and maintaining replacement windows, entry doors, and sliding patio doors. The windows we supply and install come with argon filled in both chambers of the glass, and all of our windows qualify for a $250 Canada Greener Homes Grant. We use the latest technology to manufacture our sealed units. The warm-edge spacers help our windows to retain the most energy and reduce condensation on the glass surfaces. All our windows and patio doors are Energy Star certified. We pride ourselves in awesome customer service during the selling phase, our customer support provides a customer-centric approach to all customer questions, and our installers pride themselves in exceptional installing services. Our warranty is industry-leading. We offer a comprehensive warranty for all our products and services. Our windows come with a lifetime warranty by the standard. Arctic Star Windows also offers one of the best values for window and door supply and installation in Manitoba and confidently beats any competition in the price for equally configured windows and doors.

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