Everything You Want to Know About Guided Photo Tour of the Pacific Northwest

Want to see the world and surroundings with new eyes and create images that will help you present your perspective uniquely? In that case, participating in a guided photo tour of the USA is one of the best ways to learn more about the environment and nature. Moreover, you will find yourself sharing thoughts and experiences with a group of like-minded people.

Besides, this whole tour will allow you to capture some of the unique locations without planning and organizing all by yourself.

What makes Guided Photo Tours So Special?

There is something special about guided photo tours. It presents you with an opportunity to go on a trip to a world-class destination while letting you improve your photography skills. Exploring the wild and capturing pristine images is something that will excite you to the core.

You can expect the same by signing up for the California coast photo tours in the USA. The trip by American Photo Tours offers an abundance of water features, fauna, and flowers, which makes it a sought-after location for photographers. If you prefer to capture images in their purest form rather than rushing through shots, guided tours can be a great learning curve, and it helps to experience something new.

The Key Highlights of Guided Northwest Photo Tour

  • The 7days/6 nights’ photo tour has a group size of 1 to 4, and the trip includes transportation, lodging, meals, and professional guide service.
  • The guided photo tour of the Northwest will let you discover the green and watery world of the Columbia River Gorge, as well as the remote and beautiful Olympic peninsula.
  • While the tour starts in Portland, Oregon, and it ends in Portland or either Seattle, Washington. In the beginning, you will be head east towards the Gorge, where you will get an opportunity to spend time in several different waterfalls.
  • The tour’s objective is to take a close look at the mountain water features, go off the grid, and experience its rawness. Besides taking you to some of the most exotic waterfalls, the tour guide Greg Smith will also assist you in capturing them in their finest.
    • Once you have visited the Gorge, the tour will head out towards the north and enter the Olympic Peninsula and its wild landscape. The tour will continue for the next several days as you make headway through the coast visiting the craggy headlands and filing the surf in its natural form.
  • A private tour further provides you the freedom to do whatever you would like to do and offers more opportunities to explore. There is plenty to see and capture at the coast. The struggle of the sea and land is something that will mesmerize you.
  • The fascinating aspect of the Olympic Mountain range is its temperate rainforest. A large portion of the peninsula is covered with thick green forest, and this is where you get some of the most incredible pictures of the mosses, ferns, and lichen-covered trees. In comparison, the conditions are challenging for a photographer since it requires negotiating the contrast. However, there are ways to overcome the problem, and you will learn everything on this tour.
  • In the last leg of the tour, you will make your way through Vancouver Island for a day, where you will visit several sites that allow you the luxury to see flowers and butterflies. With the essential pointers and guidance from expert photographers, you will be able to come back with some of the finest images of the tour.

Photography Tour is all About Having Fun!

On a guided photo tour, especially to a location like the Pacific Northwest, there is so much to see and explore. Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you must soak in the good vibes and have some fun. Always make a conscious effort to feel the surroundings and capture these rare moments that you will cherish forever. If you want to create memories, a photo tour seems like a great idea.


If you are looking for the best guided photography tours in the USA, make sure to get in touch with American Photo Tours. Feel free to call or send an email so that you can know more about this exciting adventure.

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