Everything Your Final Mile Company Needs to Get the Job Done

15The “final mile” is generally the most complex, expensive, and important phase of the delivery process. With ecommerce changing the face of retail and deliveries from brick-and-mortar retailers remaining strong, the success of countless businesses relies on successful deliveries. Successful delivery, of course, is contingent on the success of a smooth final mile. Ensuring that success requires that the delivery professionals involved have the right tools for the job. Whether the tools in question are a good collapsible hand truck or pertinent information from the client, if your business delivers anything, be sure to set your delivery employees up for success.

The Information About the Job

It’s easy to collect too little information about a job, which can create delays when delivery staff encounter unexpected circumstances. For the most part, businesses that do deliveries are required to do more than the curbside dropping of a parcel in a mailbox. Their responsibilities generally range from on- or over-the-threshold delivery of packages to room-of-choice white glove delivery involving assembling and connecting an appliance to gas, water, or wiring. Across that spectrum, information beyond time and place is necessary for successful delivery. Will there be stairs, pets present, narrow doorways or halls, rough terrain to navigate, gates, or even enough space to park the truck? It’s important to gather all necessary information upfront as to not encounter unexpected delays.

The Tools for the Job

Differing circumstance on location may require different delivery tools. While an appliance hand truck, for instance, would be a must for many larger delivery items, a staircase would require for the use of a stair climbing hand truck. Uneven terrain can inform delivery options, as can dealing with considerable inclines and declines during delivery. Different types of white glove service will require different sets of tools and equipment, like floor and wall protectors for residential deliveries, as well as the variety of installation toolkits themselves. Collect as much information as possible and use that information to determine the equipment the delivery crew will need.

Prioritizing Client and Carrier Safety

Having sufficient information and using that to bring the appropriate equipment is vital to ensure that deliveries are timely, efficient, and the customers are happy. They’re also crucial for safety. For instance, clients providing pertinent pet information is a must if it informs a delivery crew that they have to be sure to shut a gate so the family dog doesn’t escape. Failing to gather information about an aggressive or territorial dog, on the other hand, can be dangerous.

Additionally, moving a heavy piece of furniture up a staircase is far easier with a stair climbing dolly. Having the right tools and information about the delivery location also means a much safer situation for the delivery professional and anyone else in the vicinity.

About Magline

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