Examples of Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is an integral component of the aviation industry. GSE refers to all equipment used to service an aircraft between flights—essentially if a plane is on the ground, it is utilizing GSE. From airplane pushback tractors and ground power supply units to passenger access and safety equipment, adequate GSE is essential to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted services that crews and passengers expect. Here are a few examples of products that fall under the umbrella of GSE:

Belt Loaders

Belt loaders allow each piece of baggage or cargo to be safely and easily loaded onto or removed from an aircraft. A belt loader is a vehicle fitted with several moveable belts which help in the transfer of items to and from a plane’s cargo area. Specific types of belt loaders are also used in military camps and military bases.

Catering Trucks

Since aircraft are not equipped with kitchens that enable meals to be cooked onboard, all food is prepared on the ground at a nearby facility. Specialized catering trucks then transport packaged meals to the aircraft prior to departure. Passengers are not even able to eat without GSE.

Aircraft Tug

Aircraft tugs are designed to maneuver aircraft between crowded, high-traffic areas (ramps and gates) and to and from hangars or other tight storage areas. Because the slightest incident while pushing and pulling an aircraft can result in incredibly costly damage, a tug that is reliable and powerful but also easily and safely operated is essential.

Pushback Tractors

Because heavy aircraft cannot be maneuvered with human strength, a pushback tractor is required to move it backward and away from a gate before takeoff. Pushback tractors are specially-designed vehicles with low profiles that perfectly fit under a plane’s nose. To dependably operate in all conditions, the heaviest pushback tractors are all-wheel drive, are equipped with all-wheel steer powertrain and can be either electric or diesel.

Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU)

GPU is an external power supply. Most often GPU is a mobile unit (vehicle) which provides power to aircraft while parked on the ground, though it can also be permanently built into a jetway. Today’s GPUs are economical, lightweight and compact, which simplifies mobility whether moving across an airfield or across the globe.

GSE is responsible for an innumerable number of additional services, including lavatory servicing, maintenance, cabin lighting, fueling and passenger access. Because any investment in GSE can be too costly for small airlines, airports and FBOs, some elect to either purchase used/refurbished equipment or lease it.

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