Excavation: Methods and Safety Measures

Excavation is the process to remove the unwanted materials from the ground. It is an important part of construction.There are various methods for this process. With the help of proper tools, equipment and explosives from Lethbridge excavation contractors, rocks and other materials are removed.Construction of residential or commercial projects, roadways and bridges needs to be examined before starting the process. Make certain that the foundation is strong.Excavation requires experience and skill as it creates the foundation for the entire project.

Things to investigate before starting the project

· Make sure there are not any installations of gas pipes,communication cables, or electricity cables.

· Soil testing should be done.

· Look out for the required safety measure that needs to be taken in your jurisdiction.

· Make surethe surroundings around the site are not harmed while the excavation.

· Removethe water at the excavation site.

· Must check the oxygen level before entering the site.

· You must have the permission of the authorities to excavate.

Safety points to be remembered while the excavation process

· The construction site should be fenced properly.

· Make sure to sign all the work areas and the signs should be visible during the night.

· Must have proper and safety equipment on the site such AS ladder, rope, mask, fire distinguisher, first-aid, etc.

· Near roadway sites ensure that there is a required distance between the site and the road as the traffic vibration can collapse the excavation.

· Use proper lighting at the time of night.

· Ensure that the working area is not affected by explosions.

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