Exclusive: McAfee Is Acquiring Nanosecond to construct Out Its Container-Focused Cloud Security Services

Cyber security firm McAfee acquires Nanosecond, a cloud security startup is paying attention to the security solutions for an application built with the more and more dominant containers approach.

“This is one of the pleasant deals for McAfee, as endeavor clients use more containers and drive towards production applications,” said Stephen Elliot, a market analyst with IDC who was brief on the deal. “Clients have a security plan for container strategies and their DevOps [software development and IT operation]. It should flattering remark [McAfee’s] cloud security plans.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, and the information on NanoSec’s financials are private. Founded in 2015 by CEO Vishwas Manral, NanoSec has 20 employees that are currently situated at offices in Calif, Cupertino, and Bangalore.

Cupertino-based employees will be included in McAfee’s Santa Clara office, according to the Rajiv Gupta, McAfee’s assistant vice president for the cloud security, while employees in Bangalore will join the McAfee office there. McAfee has not disclosed the financial details of the achievement.

Container-based architecture can be seen as a persistence of the trends that moved to compute from mainframes to PCs or from servers to so-called ‘virtual devices.’ Containers can make the cloud applications more lucrative because the various ‘micro services’ production and application can be deactivated or activated on the fly. Their code can also be again used in different contexts, rather than having to be re-implemented for every individual software.

But the approach also creates some of the novel security risks.

“When I have these micro services, there are many more side-doors and more front doors,” says Gupta. “I want to ensure that there isn’t any side channel that will let my device get compromised or infected by snooped on. The requirements for control and visibility get to be a grouping more rigorous.”

NanoSec’s tools are oriented towards offering that higher level of monitoring. These comprise live telemetry that detects irregular patterns, and an approach to permissions that focuses on application IDs to a certain extent than the signals that may be losing relevance.

“Most of the existing security offers are using IP addresses” to observe the behavior of an individual, Gupta says. “Those are not relevant in the new container world. It’s a little like trying to feed oats to my Model T.” Broadly, that’s because various elements and users of a container-based system can appear, disappear, and transform so quickly—Gupta describes the environment as “ephemeral.”

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