Excuses driving you from investing

“An excuse is nothing more than a self-imposed roadblock.” – C. C. Chapman

Successful Entrepreneurs’ one of the prominent Quality is their ability to invest in themselves and their businesses. However, many people put off investing because of various reasons. These are all excuses and something that you can overcome by adopting certain strategies and mindsets.

Some of the most popular excuses include a lack of funds, a lack of understanding, that it is too hazardous, that it is too early to begin, or that it is too expensive to purchase portfolio management services.

Here are a few excuses that are driving people from investing.

Too early to invest

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now” – a famous Chinese proverb that states if one wishes to be growing successfully in the future, the only time to start working for it is right now.

Similarly, if you want to initiate investing and you think of yourself as being too young for that, it doesn’t matter if you have proper knowledge of it. Mr. Warren Buffet started investing at a very young age, he was just 11 years old when he invested in his very first stock. The rest is history in front of our eyes. So, start investing as soon as possible, but you should have proper knowledge about it and a great mentor who could become your best stock tips provider.

Too aged to start

Start investing when you’re young – the younger the better, according to all financial news sites and services. However, what if you’re closer to 60 than you are to 20?

While starting early gives you a head start, it’s never too late to begin investing. People in retirement may assume it’s dangerous for them to invest. However, if you have money saved up above and above your emergency fund and don’t expect to need it in the next five years, investing it, regardless of your age, may help you take advantage of the market’s long-term gains and create wealth during retirement.

One alternative is to use a Robo-advisor, which is an online service that helps you invest your money and frequently provides cheaper costs as well as instructional materials to help you improve your investing expertise. But if you prefer to speak with a person while doing so, you should consider dealing with a financial advisor.

No money to invest

One of the most prevalent reasons for not investing is that people do not manage their budgets and find no money at the end of the month. This could be avoided if one could manage his monthly spending using the 50/20/30 budget rule, which states that we should spend 50% of our money on our daily requirements and obligations, and the remaining 50% should be split into 20% and 30%, with the 20% saved/invested and the 30% used for anything else that we desire. You can also begin with modest doses and progressively increase them.

No knowledge of investing

Many of us believe that investing is only for seasoned investors or that we must know the market inside and out to begin our investing journey. This is not true; to begin investing, you simply need to have a general understanding of the framework, start with small investments, and seek advice from experts. You can also learn the basics from online videos.

Equity investments are risky

It is true that in equity investments there is a certain level of risk involved. But they are the finest investment tool that can exceed the inflation rate and provide greater returns, unlike your savings account.


However, in the end, none of these reasons should prevent you from investing your hard-earned money in the stock market and embarking on your wealth-creation path. You’re never too young or too old to start investing till you have proper knowledge of the stock market. There are many online sources that provide knowledge as well as facts and tips too, helping the newbie and the existing investors as well. There are many best stock tips provider in India, consultants, researchers, analysts and advisors which might be very beneficial for your investing or trading.

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