Executive Degree Programs in International Relations: The Path to Success

An Executive Master in International Relations (EMIR) is a flexible and rigorous graduate program that aims to enhance professionals’ skills through a modular curriculum, individualized teaching methods, and an interactive learning environment.

Through a diversified modular curriculum, specialized teaching methods, and an interactive learning environment, the EMIR program is flexible, demanding, and geared at strengthening professionals’ abilities. 

The EMIR program is designed for working professionals in both the public and private sectors who want to earn a graduate degree in International Relations while working full-time and improving their practical skills and knowledge of international politics and diplomatic challenges. 

Developing and strengthening your diplomatic abilities to boost your professional performance and career is an essential aspect of our EMIR curriculum.

Why Choose EMIR?

You can understand the dynamics of international politics and diplomatic difficulties and the practical skills required to manage the challenges of twenty-first-century diplomacy.

  • Also, the course lets you better diffuse international frictions, manage crises, and foster international collaboration, improve cross-cultural negotiation and communication abilities. 
  • Develop skills in dealing with problems on a global, regional, and national scale.
  • Students can also learn how to manage complicated projects and programs in multinational and multicultural situations by incorporating techniques, methods, and instruments. 
  • Participate in a culturally diverse learning environment and develop a professional network of peers and professors.


Applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a university. Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate their ability to communicate in English at an acceptable level. Applicants who do not meet this requirement may be asked to finish an agreed-upon English Language program before beginning the EMIR program.

How to prepare for master’s degree program

A master’s degree is an academic degree earned after completing a postgraduate program. To apply for a master’s program, you must already have a bachelor’s degree. Students in most master’s degree programs are required to write a master’s thesis or research paper. International relations study the interactions between big entities, including states, nations, multinational enterprises, and nonprofit organizations. However, significant concepts like terrorism and human rights tend to get more attention.

Join the best institutes 

If you are planning to acquire a double degree international relations, it would be crucial to get enrolled in a leading institute. The best international institute for IR will make sure you get comprehensive learning opportunities for a strong career. 

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