8+ Creative Ways to Use Mobile Exit Intent

Even though many may find the exit-intent popup annoying, it works very well, especially if most of your users use their mobile phones. Besides winning new customers, the mobile exit-intent popup also increases the conversion rate on your website. If you’ve already implemented the mobile exit-intent popup on your website, here are a few ideas to help you maximize its use.

What is a Mobile Exit-Intent Popup?

When you want to prevent your visitors from leaving your website, you need to pull out your sleeves’ last card. The exit-intent popup is the last resort if you want to reach out to your visitors before they leave your website. The exit-intent feature was introduced first on desktops. The system is triggered when the user tries to close the website by moving the cursor towards the exit (X) button. 

On mobile devices, the exit intent popup is triggered when the user scrolls up fast, intending to close the page. The back button is also another trigger. When the mobile user taps the back button, it implies that they want to exit the website. This will trigger the popup, which tries to convince the user before leaving the website. Since most people find the exit-intent popup annoying, here are several creative ways to make it effective on mobile devices. 

Tips to make the mobile exit-intent popup effective

  • Use Personalized Messages 

When designing your exit-intent popup, you need to personalize it as it offers several benefits. Customers prefer a personalized experience when they receive popups. By personalizing the exit-intent popup message, you will get an increase in the conversion rate, leading to high sales. Customers like it when you cater to their interests. 

  • Offer More Content

More content means more information that leads to more conversions. Visitors like it when you upgrade your content to offer extra information that you did not over previously. When users show signs of leaving the site, you can entice them with a popup message about a new product or a new segment on your upcoming blog. Once they read the popup, they will want to find out more about the new or upgraded content. 

  • Give Visitors Options to Choose From 

Most exit-intent popups target new visitors. This means that you may not know what they are interested in. If this is the case, it is advisable to include several options to choose from. This increases your chances of converting them into loyal customers. This is a great way of ensuring that everyone is on board with what you are offering. 

  • Offer Discounts

By offering a discount message in your popup, you entice those who want to leave your website to purchase any product you are selling at a discounted price. In exchange for the user’s email address, you can offer them discount codes. When the visitor starts to scroll up fast, it will trigger a message that shows the discount you are offering. Besides encouraging your visitor to buy your products, he or she will be tempted to visit the site again and again looking for discounts. 


When you want to increase the conversion rate of your website, the mobile exit intent works magic. These tips will help you make good use of the exit intent popup to get the desired results.

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