Expand Your Business Overseas and Create New Opportunities

Have you ever thought of expanding your business, overseas?

Well, if you wish, your company to increase its market share, you should consider of expanding it to the global market.


Because, when you expand your business overseas, you are able to identify new opportunities for business growth, brand awareness and recognition.

Additionally, a business expansion is among the most important strategies for business growth.

However, before proceeding you must create your expansion strategy that will help your business growth.

Subsequently, before proceeding with the reasoning of why to expand your business overseas, you must firstly identify which countries are being considered as favorable jurisdictions so as to set up your new business entity there.

Some of the characteristics of a favorable jurisdiction are the corporate tax, corporate laws and regulations, cost of establishing a new entity and annual levy, business operation requirements, trade opportunities, double taxation treaties, reputation of the jurisdiction etc..

According to our research, a country that meets all the for mentioned characteristics of a favorable jurisdiction is Cyprus. If you select Cyprus your business entity will:

· Enjoy 12.5% corporate tax, one of the lowest in Europe

· Operate in a straight forward Legal system, based on common law

· Benefit from the favorable taxation system

· Be able to take advantage of the 67+ Double Taxation Treaties

· Have access to Europe since Cyprus is a European member state

· Be profit from the very competitive incorporate fees and annual levies

· and many more.

It is essential though to cooperate with a Cyprus law firm in order to help you with your business establishment, since as you may already know each jurisdiction follows its own rules and regulations.

Now, the critical question to be asked is “why should I expand my business overseas?”

Below you may find some important points for consideration:

● The first and most important reason that makes businessmen consider for expanding their companies overseas is to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Nowadays, technology has eliminated all countries boarders. Customers are able to purchase products and services from around the world. Therefore, is off upmost importance to understand your customers’ needs and adapt to their new reality. This process will not only help you to satisfy your customers’ needs but will also assist in your product leverage and service development.

● Secondly, when you expand your business globally, you also develop your customers network. In short, if you want to find new opportunities, you should proceed with your business expansion.

● Thirdly, the expansion strategies help businesses awareness since they create a buzz in the market. For example, consider Apple’s new products launch. Apple, each time creates an unveiling a new product strategy.

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