Expecting a Titanic Remake or a Sequel? Here’s Everything About it

Titanic is an American romance and action-packed film released in 1997 that was directed, produced, and written by James Cameron. The movie left the audience in tears as Jack sacrificed his life for his love Rose. Although the situation after the sinking ship wasn’t narrated, the fans are very interested to know about the life of Rose after her rescue.

The director of the movie has made it clear that a sequel of the movie won’t come out. “A lot of things went wrong in the movie, but a sequel is anyway not planned,” James said. Though the movie broke all the box-office records and made the two leading actors big stars of the time, a Titanic sequel can not be expected. The classic film also bagged a lot of Oscars for its mind-blowing performance on the big screen.

The production of the movie began in 1995, and the story revolves around the two leading actors Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet as Rose. The two characters that belong to two different social classes fall in love aboard the ship. The performance and chemistry of the leads made this film the highest-grossing film.

The idea of the film came from James’ fascination with the shipwrecks, so he finally decided to write a script. The thought was to depict a love story and an emotional impact of the disaster that lead to human loss. Later, when he met with 20th Century Fox executives, it took a lot of convincing. Finally, after much convincing, production activity took place, and that’s when the journey began.

This masterpiece was the most expensive film ever made at that time, with a sum of 200 million dollars of the production budget. On the other hand, Titanic crossed the billion-dollar mark and created a spectacle for its viewers on the screen.

Fans of the film felt an emotional connection to the story and had expected a sequel to be made. The sequel could depict the rest of the journey of Rose and how she dealt with the heartbreak. It could also narrate about her dealing with the odds and coming out to be a stronger individual. Unfortunately, the fans will not get to see the sequel but, as they say, some things should remain untouched. The film created history, and the full credit for the same goes to Cameron’s visions.

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