Expert Guide on Choosing Rugby Balls by Rugby Balls Manufacturers Australia

Rugby balls manufacturers Australia is one of the specialists when it comes to rugby and soccer balls. The balls are available in different sizes and qualities and prices.Rugby ball is egg shaped i.e. oval which was originally designed using a pig’s bladder as they tend to be oval shaped and that is how the ball got the shape.

Changing With The Times

Rugby Balls Manufacturers Australia has been dealing in various kinds of sports equipment which makes them rich with history of varied sports.

Initially rugby balls are made from brown leather, but it felt like holding a boulder and as they got wet the leather would get water-logged. Hence, with the time that leather casing was replaced by a synthetic waterproof material which didn’t had any effect of the water at all. This gave a rugby ball a firm grip and it was lighter in weight which made the match more exciting to watch.

Things to Consider

The Rugby Balls Manufacturers Australia fall into 3 different characteristics, which is divided into 3 such as size and length of the ball, especially when it is inflated, material of the ball and what kind of filling you wish to have within your ball.

Material of the Ball

The reason there’s more emphasize on the make of the ball is because the one that is originally used in the match is different than the one used for Soccer Ball Manufacturers. As these are not that strong to sustain a real match. Usually the mini and midi balls have smooth surface made from PU or PVC the very same material that used is footballs as well. However; the shiny material works well for those rugby balls which are used for branding reasons.

Now days the rugby ball are available in four sizes which falls into below age groups:

•    The size 3 mini rugby is for under 7, 8 and 9
•    The size 4 junior rugby age group is for under 10, 11,12,13, and 14.
•    The size 4.5. women’s rugby age group is for under 15 and above to senior rugby
•    The size 5 full sized rugby age groups for under 15 and above into senior rugby

The dimensions for the rugby balls are as follows:

•    Size 5 length 285mm circle length 752 mm and girth is 585 mm
•    Size 4 length 275 mm circle length 720 mm and girth is 555 mm
•    Size 3 length 255 mm circle length 680 mm and girth is 540 mm
•    Midi length 225 mm circle length 580 mm and girth is 525 mm
•    Mini length 160 mm circle length 410 mm and girth is 315 mm
•    Promo size 10 length 420 mm circle length 1140 mm and girth is 880 mm

The Fill of The Ball

Majority of the balls are designed for inflation, like football has a bladder under the skin which can then be inflated with a standard ball pump.

However, the rugby balls come with different filling depending on what you want. The filling helps in giving the much or lesser bounce, depending on the requirement.

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