Expert Tips to Throw a Hens Party at Home


A traditional hen’s party, which are commonly held the night before the wedding ceremony and given by the bride’s close friends, can be fun in its own right. If you’re looking to make your hens party one that’s uniquely yours, it’s going to take more than just shopping for decorations and games at the local store. This guide will take you through some expert tips on how to throw a hens party at home to make your event one that everyone will remember!

Set a Budget

Throwing a hens party is a great way to have fun and indulge in some girl time before your wedding. To make sure you can afford it, set a budget. Make sure that you have enough money for all of your favourite ideas. Remember, even if you go over your budget slightly to buy hens party products, don’t go overboard!

Pick a Theme

If you are them maid-of-honour, choose a theme for your party that’s appropriate and fitting for your bride-to-be. For example, she may not want her bachelorette party to be as crazy as some of her friends might suggest. Be sure you take into account what she likes, dislikes, and what she is willing to do before inviting anyone else along. If you want to save more money, consider buying hens party decorations online.

Potluck Dinner

Do you want to throw a low-cost hens party at home? Then why not arrange a potluck dinner. To really get a good party mood going, assign dishes to each of the guests and ask them to prepare and bring with them to the party. You can ask the guests to contribute to the dishes they make, thereby you can save a few dollars.

Game Ideas

If you’re tired of playing Spin The Bottle, why not try hosting a game night for your hens party instead? You can play fun games like the bride-to-be advice cards, team bride truth or dare, pin the pistol on the cowboy, and more, or you can ask guests to bring their own games. You could even let guests create their own games. Just make sure there are some ideas in place, so people know what they’re supposed to be doing! You can find cheap hens party games online.

Use Your Garden

Most hens party planners have a few reservations about having a party in their homes. While it can be intimidating, some people simply don’t have enough space for all of their guests. With that said, there are ways to work around these issues by using what you already have! If you have a backyard or even just a tiny balcony, incorporate your local flowers and plants into your decorations. You can use green branches from trees and keep flowers in vases as simple centrepieces on tables or nightstands.

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