Expertise in Yarn Manufacturing Defines JST

JST (Jaya Shree Textiles) specializes in yarn manufacturing for various applications and industries. With a core focus on quality and material, the yarn manufacturing procedure at Jaya Shree Textiles encompasses various dimensions. The company churns out premier quality yarn which is characterized by its sheer aesthetic elegance and sophistication. The yarn manufactured by the company is used for diverse applications including industrial purposes, knitting and also weaving. Spinning capacity currently stands at 7,200 tons annually for the company where it enables the conversion of superior quality European flax into the best yarn with highly advanced technologies and a production process that is carefully tracked.

The yarn manufacturing process is characterized by the impeccable quality and sourcing. The company sources 100% pure European linen flax which is the sole plant textile fiber originating in the continent. European flax is a unique fiber and one of the best raw materials in the whole world for crafting linen. The best European technologies are also used, including European Hackling machines, imported Russian ring frames, Italian Lorries Bellini Bleaching, in-house yarn dyeing unit and German-manufactured winding technology, complete with advanced yarn cleaner.

The product range is wide, encompassing 100% pure linen yarn between 5 and 120 Lea along with premier blends including linen or wool, linen or silk and linen or nylon along with linen or polyester. There is a rich lineup of multifold, bleached and natural yarns on offer along with knitting, weaving and specialty blended yarns. Linen yarn is used for weaving with the figures hovering between 5-10 Lea for dry spun and between 10-100 Lea for wet spun. The latter is always spliced and all weaving yarn is usually present across both dyed and grey varieties. Usage encompasses accessories, apparel and home furnishings alike. The company itself has a full service linen presence, ranging from fabric to apparel and yarn alike. The company owns the biggest linen brand in the country called Linen Club and is a preferred supplier for top international and domestic retailers and brands alike. The company offers the finest products to diverse categories of market audiences. It has footprints covering global and domestic markets and customer base is spread throughout 50 countries and 6 continents.

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