Explore Indonesia on the Perfect Cruise

Indonesia is a beautiful Asian island nation. With more than 1700 islands, Indonesia is the perfect destination for a perfect vacation? Whether you want to celebrate your graduation or have a bachelor’s party, a romantic honeymoon or even if you want to do a bit of exploring after your retirement, Indonesia is a perfect choice. If you think Bali is the only place in Indonesia that is worth a visit, you couldn’t have been more wrong. While Bali is no doubt a stunner in terms of beauty, there are many other places and things to do in Indonesia that can help you have a wonderful time in the lap of nature. One of the most enriching experiences would be an Indonesia cruise!

You can explore the big and small islands in Indonesia on a cruise, go diving, snorkeling, scuba diving or even relax onboard and enjoy the water that is a hundred shades of majestic blue! While you are having a gala time sailing Indonesia, you should make sure you choose the best travel partners. A cruise trip should be a perfect blend of comfort and luxury and not to forget the adventure of living off-shore! Your cruising partners should be experienced market players and should offer your trips to all major locations so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Some of the places that you should not miss when in Indonesia include:

1. Komodo

2. Raja Ampat

3. Lombok and Gili Islands

4. Moluccas and Banda Sea

5. Moyo Island and Sumbawa

6. Sulawesi

And, what is the best thing? You can explore all these places on a cruise. So, what are you waiting for? Book your cruise tickets now! But, which is the best agency? None other than Barefoot Yachts Indonesia! They offer you a wide variety of cruise options to choose from. From different locations to different activities and even chartered cruises, they have everything you could ask for. You can choose from their various vessels as well based on your preferences. For example: if you would like to have an adventure as your priority, Kira Kira can be one option for you, similarly, for A’BOYA for comfort and Carpe Diem for upper-class luxury can be one of your choices.

About Barefoot Yachts Indonesia:

Barefoot Yachts Indonesia is your perfect cruising partner for when you want to go on a boat trip Indonesia. Get ready to experience, explore and enrich yourself!

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