Explore Quaint Italian Towns and Majestic Mountains on Luxury Tours of Lake Como

Nothing beats the feeling of being one with nature. The fresh breeze, the chirping birds, the dazzling sunset—what if you could experience all of these and more in a single place? A private Lake Como tour in Lombardy, Italy, is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter that you should not miss!

Why does everyone need to go on a Lake Como tour at least once in their lifetime?

The region of Lombardy, Italy is widely known for its picturesque cities and clear blue lakes. One of these lakes, Como—Lario among locals—is the third largest lake in all of Italy.

Lake Como is most famous for its unique shape, an inverted Y formed by melting glaciers and erosion of the ancient Adda river hundreds of years ago. In addition, the lake can be found at the foot of the Alps, providing a picturesque scene of the most extensive mountain range in Europe.

However, scenic views and an idyllic lifestyle aren’t the only things you can experience in Lake Como. The area is also home to several charming towns, which you can visit and explore on your private Lake Como tour:

  • Bellagio

What lies in the middle of Lake Como’s famous Y-shaped waters? In the tiny triangular section of land, you’ll find Bellagio, a town known for its luxurious atmosphere and exciting experiences.

Bellagio is home to towering villas owned by celebrities and famous figures, including Villa Versace, Villa Le Rose, and Villa Oleandra. In addition, you can explore the gardens in Villa Serbelloni or stay for a night at the town’s grand hotels.

  • Como

As Lake Como’s namesake, the little town of Como can be found right at the base of the lake. Unlike most of the area’s sleepy town centers, Como’s atmosphere is livelierand more fun, giving you a glimpse into the classic Italian experience.

Here, you’ll find various restaurants and delis filled with authentic Italian food waiting to be eaten. You can try the famous risotto con filetti di pesce persico, or perch with risotto for short. And if you’re craving more, don’t hesitate to taste the local polenta—a creamy cornmeal dish often served as a side.

  • Menaggio

Are you looking for a more relaxed experience through Lake Como? Menaggio is a quaint and laid-back town that offers both peaceful and adventurous activities, from arcades and restaurants to hiking trails. You can even cycle through the hills and see the Italian lake from high up!

Don’t forget to prepare for your Lake Como tour and work with a trusted tour provider to create the perfect Italian vacation!


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