Explore the Most Amazing Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Italy

Joining conventional tour groups isn’t for everyone, especially when visiting famous destinations like Italy. If you prefer more privacy while avoiding the crowds, consider off-the-beaten-path tours in Italy for a more exclusive and tailored experience. These tours will introduce you to the more intimate and tranquil aspects of the country, from dense forests to green fields, coastal areas, and small towns and villages. You could have your experiences tailored to your requirements with the right tour provider.


Why explore the off-the-beaten paths?


Traveling off-the-beaten-path provides opportunities to discover and explore unexpected and one-of-a-kind destinations, which may even be unavailable to the regular tourist. These destinations let you experience Italy most intimately through traditional local dishes and activities. You’ll get to appreciate culture more with opportunities to experience it first-hand.


However, visiting off-the-beaten-path destinations in Italy doesn’t mean backpacking or going on your own without a tour guide. There are companies specializing in organizing these tours, and they can customize the experiences based on your needs. Their packages also include accommodation and transportation to minimize your guesswork and worries.


Where to go?


Here are some destinations you can consider when searching for off-the-beaten-path tour packages:


  • Tuscany and Chianti

The regions of Tuscany and Chianti are perfect for off-the-beaten-path tours in Italy as they offer amazing wines, breathtaking panoramic views, and lovely piazzas. However, you might want to explore them differently, like on horseback. Four full days of riding should be enough to let you experience these regions more intimately.


  • The Dolomites

The northern Italian Alps is home to the Dolomites, a mountain range with 18 peaks rising beyond 3,000 meters. The tour will take you to SeiserAlm and the small villages of Picol, Neustift, Bolzano, Brunico, and Brixen, where you can discover traditional products from the mountains.


  • Gulf of Poets and Tigullio

The stunning coast of Liguria is among the best off-the-beaten-path destinations in Italy. Explore Portofino and the medieval harbor of Portovenere, and hike the stepped cliffs of Cinque Terre. You’ll also enjoy a walking tour of coastal paths connecting historic ports and small fishing villages and even have opportunities to explore ancient wooded trails and traverse ridges overlooking the Apennine.


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