Explore the Plateau of Diamonds: Chapada Diamantina

In 1844, when the miners were on their way to search for precious stones, they discovered a wide plateau that had a hidden treasure of diamonds! That’s why Chapada Diamantina is known to be as “Plateau of Diamonds”. People today not only glorify the beauty of Chapada Diamantina because of diamonds but also for being the one-stop destination for hiking! Yes, you read that right. With water gushing through the plateau, birds chirping on the trees and animals wandering in the forest; Chapada Diamantina is a treat for all the adventure junkies and nature lovers. This beautiful region of Bahia state is blessed with stunning mountain ranges, breathtaking waterfalls accompanied by the azure sky which adds to the fabulous trekking experience. And, not to forget the Lençois Chapada Diamantina, a colonial mining town famous for its diamond mines. Due to its pleasant climate and beautiful narrow streets, Lençois is worth visiting once in a lifetime.

Surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna and lush-green forests, Chapada Diamantina has a kind of beauty that can simply leave you in awe! The national park of Chapada Diamantina Brazil has become extremely popular for eco-tourism among the globetrotters. With an average altitude of 800-1000m and an area of 600 square miles, the majestic views offered by this bewitching national park will etch on your minds forever! So, if you are all set to unravel the magic of Chapada Diamantina, you are highly recommended to choose the best travel guide that provides you with the excellent trekking and tour packages.

Diamantina Mountains is Brazil’s local travel guide which is known for offering multiple mountain hiking tours and day trekking packages. Whether you are headed for trekking with your partner, a group of friends or individually, Diamantina Mountains offers the best packages that can perfectly fit according to your requirements and budget. You will be accompanied by multi-lingual guides so that you can enjoy your stay conveniently at Chapada Diamantina and communicate your wants and needs clearly to them. Just go through their official website to know more about what all services Diamantina Mountains offers and at what prices. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the magnificence of Chapada Diamantina with Diamantina Mountains today!

About Diamantina Mountains: 

Diamantina Mountains is a reputed Brazil tour guide which offers the best trekking packages at exciting rates and offers.

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