Exploring Fox Den in Ghost of Tsushima

The open-world third-person game, Ghost of Tsushima, has a vast world with a range of places to discover and quests to conquer. The game follows different concepts to earn you rewards, such as being a nature-enthusiast or a thorough wanderer (you get a Sly Cooper trophy). Set in 1294 Japan, it shows the story of the island, Tsushima, which has been taken over by the Mongol forces. The foreign troops are led by Khotun Khan, who is after the powerful samurai clan and the whole island after that. Jin decides to fulfill his duties as a Samurai but holds his nation’s sovereignty at a higher regard.

Thus, sometimes he terrorizes the enemies, which goes against the code of honor for Samurais. His mentor is angry at him for having broken the code, but Jin finds justification in vengeance. At the same time, he is affectionate towards animals and nature. And he understands the co-dependent relationship humans share with the ecosystem. Which, if not practiced by the player playing the character, will bereave them of winning trophies and unlocking charms.


The game is based on Japan’s Shinto beliefs and encompasses all the small details that are generally missed by content creators. The makers have given great care to provide people with an immersive, thought-provoking experience. One such element taken is the symbolism of foxes. Foxes are representative of prosperity in the Shinto religion, and thus they are to be loved and respected. Therefore, when you reach a Fox Den on the island, follow them, instead of fighting them. Being kind to animals earns you rewards. And as you’ll follow them through tough terrain and awkward leaps, they’ll lead you to Inari’s Shrine. Inari is a Japanese deity, and foxes are supposed to be associated with them.

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Once you reach the shrine, a charm slot will open up for Jin. This gives you more opportunities in the future as the game is full of different charms. These are potent addons that give you an edge while saving people or killing them. Although it might seem like a hassle to find Fox Dens and then also follow the foxes for a long time, you’ll reap its benefits later on. Thus, follow nature, be in love with it, and the visuals are too terrific to miss out on anyway. Famitsu magazine gave Ghost of Tsushima a perfect 40. There are obvious reasons such as the graphics, sceneries, details but also little nuances like cultural aptness and attention to the smaller things.

Ghost of Tsushima has been released exclusively for PS4. Get your copy now!

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