Express Your Love with the Best Valentine’s Day Flowers


“Flowers are Love’s Truest Language”

Did you know flowers are at the top of the list of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts? Of course they are! Flowers speak the language of love, and they are the most beautiful gifts to convey your feelings to your better half or loved one.

For many people, picking the perfect floral arrangement for their love is the most challenging thing to do. Here we’ve listed a few tips from the best florist in Charlottesville VA, to help you pick the most suitable Valentine’s Day flowers for your special someone.

Dos and Don’ts

Not ordering ahead is one of the greatest mistakes people make when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers. Many procrastinate and think that they can order the day itself or the day before to make sure the flowers are fresh. But, the problem here is that as we get closer to Valentine’s Day, the florist in Charlottesville VA, gets busier. Also, as most people order flowers a few days ahead, you might not get the best stock or even the best flowers such as red roses, as these tend to sell out fast. So, if you want to give your love the preferred floral gift, order earlier.

Explore Different Flower Options

Sending red roses to your loved one is a traditional way of expressing your love towards them. But, if you want to try something new, you can check with your florist from one of the leading flower shops in Charlottesville VA, for a few flower recommendations. Like these:

A Mix of Red and White Roses

When you mix red roses with white ones, it represents unity. It’s a good message to convey if you have been together for quite some time now.

White Roses

White roses are suitable for relationships that are at the early stage, and sending these flowers signify hope and a love that will grow.


Tulips represent longevity, and they continue to grow even after they are cut. They require basic care, and they are the right flower to choose to show the strong bond you share with your loved one.


If your beloved is a trendsetter and favors the tropical style, you can choose orchids. You can select a floral arrangement that features white orchids and red roses, or have orchid blooms included with other tropical flowers..


Yes, you read right! Sunflowers aren’t the list of romantic flowers at all, but they can be when the situation is right. Is it their favorite flower? You can choose to send a bouquet of sunflowers to your loved one if your message is of love and happiness.

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