Extra Virgin Olive oil and your health

It has now been decades and the popularity of olive oil has only increased with each coming year! With the different kinds of olive oils being used, the versatility of the oil and the olive oil benefits that it showers on the user has never been in question. Here, however, we will be talking about what makes for a very healthy oil! Read on!

●       Lowers cancer risks

Did you know that a lot of studies have found that whatever you eat has an impact on the way a body responds to two problems and diseases like cancer? Studies have also shown that olive oil, being a healthy oil for cooking, has a positive impact on a body’s response to these diseases. In areas where extra virgin olive oil is consumed on a regular basis, the cancer risk is lower!

A specific antioxidant found only in extra virgin olive oil and not even olives called Oleocanthalan could very well be the element that lends EVO this amazing property of protecting the body from certain cancers.

●       Contains Antioxidants:

Most of the olive oils available in the market these days happen to be refined in nature.  Upon the refinement of these oils, one essentially is stripping the natural olive oil thus obtained, off most of the nutrients it is supposed to have. This is exactly where extra virgin olive oils stand out. Extra virgin olive oil is what it is, because of the way it is extracted.  The extraction of extra virgin olive oil takes place in a manner that helps the end result be filled with nutrients and antioxidants, directly from the olives.

This might come as a surprise; did you know that extra virgin olive oil contains close to 30 different kinds of antioxidants? The main function of antioxidants is to help protect the body from free radicals. As a result of this, there is the prevention of diseases and the slowing down of the aging process.

●       Helps protect against strokes

This might surprise you to know, but strokes actually happen to be the second most common cause of death across the globe when compared to other heart issues.

If this wasn’t all, strokes become part and parcel of other health issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which in turn are also markers for other heart issues. Another thing that might surprise you to know is the fact that in people who consume higher amounts of olive oil, the risk of developing a stroke is lowered by close to 40%.

When one decides to start incorporating natural olive oil in their daily diet, they, unbeknownst to them, replace more harmful cooking fats and include the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. This is what helps keep heart issues at bay. This is where the health benefits of olive oil come into play.

●       Lowers the risk of type-2 diabetes

The main reason for the occurrence of type -2 diabetes is the body developing resistance to insulin, a hormone that helps keep the blood sugar levels in check.

Extra virgin olive oil helps brilliantly in metabolizing the glucose present in the blood, in turn, improving the effectiveness of insulin in the body. This is where the brilliant benefits of extra virgin olive oil come into play in helping protect our health and lowering the risk of type=2 diabetes.

●       The healthy fat:

Were you aware of the fact that 73% of extra virgin olive oil is basically made of monosaturated fats? Monosaturated fats are notorious when it comes to their specialty in helping better heart health.

Thanks to a lot of studies that have been conducted, it has been concluded that a diet that consists mostly of monosaturated fats will help maintain heart health brilliantly.

The Bottom-Line:

Extra virgin olive oil has proven its merit in the health sector without a doubt! It is now high time that all of us started incorporating this oil into our daily diets without fail!

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