Eye Liner Magic!

Without eyeliner, no makeup look is complete. Be it a matte eyeliner or a shimmery one, one flick can evolve your look from bland to superb, in a flash. Trying to perfect that liner is an art not easy to grasp. There are different ways of putting eyeliner, and one important thing to keep in mind while doing so is your eye shape.

Just as faces can be square, oval, and so on, eye shapes also vary widely. So, it’s safe to say that for every eye shape, one-liner look does not work. We’re not saying that all eye shapes can’t pull off the cat-eye, but the application needs to set them apart.

  • The eye shape which is the least complicated one to put makeup on is the hooded eye shape. Many liner looks seem endearing in this shape.

For the hooded eye shape, a thin line won’t work; the liner will fade away as soon as you open your eyes. So, go towards your outer edges for a thicker line. In terms of cat-eye, your eye shape will be most accentuated by a thicker, winged look.

  • Round eyes are beautiful. They are most certainly large and play a hand in showering you with compliments all the time. You wouldn’t want your eyes to look too circular if you have round eyes.

To make them shine and lengthen them marginally, you must apply liner to the outer corners of your eyes. Get your hands on Blue Heaven’s matte blue eyeliner and make your inner corners a thin line and the outer corners a thick line. You can even smudge the liner along your upper and lower lash lines for a more spectacular appearance.

The next time you apply your eyeliner, don’t forget to check the shape of your eye!


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