What Are the Side Effects of Eyebrow Restoration?

eyebrow transplant- What Are the Side Effects of Eyebrow Restoration?

When you fix your eyebrows for whatever reasons, the last thing you would wish for is severe side effects. But just like any other hair transplant procedure, you may have a few side effects. They are nothing that can stop you from getting eyebrow restoration services.

Get a qualified surgeon to perform the surgery and minimize the chances of having these side effects. It can be severe if an unqualified person handles the task without the help of their senior. Here is what is likely to happen after you seek eyebrow restoration.


There are a few instances that a patient may experience bleeding after the surgery. While it is a rare side effect, you should manage it as soon as you notice the bleeding. Also, select a clinic with highly qualified professionals.


One thing that all the eyebrow restoration patients must go through is numbness. It is an effect that comes as a result of the anesthesia dose you get before the surgery. You will feel numbness until the effect of the dose clears from your body—the intensity of the numbness decreases with time.

Swelling on the Face

The face is usually so sensitive. Thus, when it goes through several prickles with needles, it is likely to swell. Many eyebrow restoration patients experience swelling in the first three to four days after the surgery. The swelling subsides as you heal.

Redness and Irritation

It is tough to have hundreds of pricks on your face and scalp. If you experience redness out of a mosquito bite, imagine what would happen on hundreds of punches. Also, you will feel some irritation at the donor site and the recipient area.


The eyebrow restoration process leaves tiny wounds on your scalp. If you expose yourself to dirt before the wounds heal, you can get bacterial infections. That is why you should take antibiotics for at least one week to prevent infections. Also, ensure that you keep the donor area, and the recipient area is clean all the time.

Nerve Damage

Eyebrow restoration methods involve prickling your skin with a needle. The process is risky as the needles can prickle the nerve endings, damaging the nerve. You cannot reverse a damaged nerve. Hence the doctor should handle the process with extra care.


It is the last thing you would want when seeking cosmetic surgery. The purpose of the surgery is to improve your look. It worries many people to imagine having a cosmetic scar. But if you opt for the FUT method, you cannot escape a scar on your head. That is why people opt for the FUE technique, as it leaves no scar.


With the knowledge above, you can make an informed decision about eyebrow transplant. You can now know what to do to avoid the side effects. Also, you can take care of them in the event they happen. The most vital thing is that you know the importance of seeking services from a qualified doctor.

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