Face angulation with gel injection

What is jaw angulation?

Orthognathic is the Greek word for orthos meaning “straight” and “jaw”. Jaw orthogenetics is a set of measures that ultimately leads to the improvement or beautification of anomalies in the jaw.jawline augmentation

These anomalies can be due to lack of skeleton, roundness of the face, short geometric size of the jaw and و. Restoring lost facial volume or congenital abnormalities for aesthetic purposes is the goal of maxillofacial angulation.

Also, with the use of fillers, you can even expect the wrinkles on the cheeks and face to disappear.

Benefits of facial angulation

Jaw angulation by injection of gel, fat or even Botox are non-invasive and painless methods, have no recovery period and are almost harmless.

We can design the location and amount of injections to meet exactly your goals and make the angle of your mind what you have always dreamed of. Now the changes caused by the injection of gel or fat can be very subtle and natural or we can make major and surprising changes in your face. Injection methods can be permanent or temporary and this means you have more choice. Unlike surgical methods such as implants, which must be permanent and require a second surgery to change them. In injectable methods, if we use gels or fillers, the results are reversible. This means that if you are not satisfied with the result of the treatment, we can completely restore the results by injecting an enzyme.

Disadvantages of angulation

Jellies usually last one to two years. This means that you will need repair and re-injection sessions to maintain the results. Of course, newer gels are more durable and even last up to 10 years in some areas, such as under the eyes.

Liposuction is a permanent and irreversible surgical procedure. We also need to remove some fat from the abdomen with the help of liposuction before the injection. This means that fat injection is an invasive procedure. Of course, the rate of invasion is much lower than surgical procedures.

Jaw angulation with fat and gel injections may not be as dramatic as you would like. In fact, our goal of injection methods is more than natural changes, natural rejuvenation.

If we want to make large and significant changes in your face, we need a lot of gel and the cost of a treatment session may reach more than 10 million tomans. In these cases, fat injection is a more cost-effective and effective method.

In the long run, over several years, the cost of injectable methods may be as much as or even more than surgical methods.

Jaw and face angle is suitable for which type of face?

This method is commonly used for obese faces, round geometric faces and thin faces. But there are other things that can cause jaw and face angulation.

A small chin can upset the shape of the face, especially if you have a long forehead and thick hair! In this case, the lower part of your face will be wider and will be very effective in improving the beauty of your face.

Facial angulation steps

Dr. Pakdel Clinic considers the most unique and modern methods of jaw angle for dear applicants. The use of the best fillers, fat extraction with completely non-invasive methods with the least amount of swelling and short recovery period are the features of jaw angulation.

To make you more familiar with this process, we have briefly described the steps of jaw angle:

• Because of the pain and irritation from the syringe containing the filler, the site is first treated with topical anesthetic creams containing lidocaine.

• At the discretion of the physician and the applicant, the filler is filled with gel or fat.

Before the injection procedure, the face is completely contoured by the doctor.

Contouring the face in its angulation means examining the face and angling it in a way that covers all the imperfections of the face.

The filler is then injected under the skin in specific areas.

Benefits of jaw and face angle using filler injection

One of the methods of angulation of the jaw and face is fat injection. This method has its own advantages, which we have briefly described:

• Symmetrical and more balanced facial expressions

• The charm and prominence of different parts of the face

Contour and cover complications such as jaw shortening

• Loss of roundness of the face

• Excessive facial slimming

• Improve the appearance of the face from the profile view

• The fit of the jaw with other parts of the face

Jaw angulation with fat injection

One of the most important benefits of facial fat injection is its angulation, protrusion and filler. The specialized staff of Dr. Pakdel Clinic use methods such as angulation and protrusion with natural fat injections to make people’s faces more beautiful.

Angling by injecting fat into the chin and jaw is one of the most beautiful methods of angling the face. This completely natural method makes your face beautiful! The valuable advantage of this method is that it is perfectly compatible with your body.

Fat injections are perfectly compatible with your face, because fat is extracted very naturally from your body. Fat is usually removed from the inside of the thighs, abdomen, or sometimes around the navel at the doctor’s discretion.

With this method, women or men whose bodies react to allergic substances to artificial materials are completely comfortable, and this method is much more suitable for it than other angulation methods.

How to extract fat from the body?

You are probably familiar with the suction process. There is a device called liposuction that can be used to extract unsaturated fats from the body. After the fat is removed from the body, the centrifuge continues to work. In this machine, fats are placed inside a cylindrical axis and lighter and extra grains are sprayed around.

Inside the chamber, all that remains are golden beads of fat that are very practical. Using a syringe, the fat is pulled out and injected under the skin.

It should be noted that before extracting fat from your body, local anesthesia is performed in the desired area, so you will not experience any particular pain. This method is one of the safest methods of fat extraction and angulation.

What is the angle of the jaw with fat injection?

To angle the jaw by injecting fat, we use the natural adipose tissue in your body. In our youth, there is a lot of fat under the skin of our face, so our face is voluminous, angular and softer. With age, facial fat decreases and we say that fats migrate downwards and accumulate in the abdomen.

In fat injections, we only remove adipose tissue from the lower parts of the body, such as the abdomen, around the navel, thighs, or buttocks, and transfer it to the upper parts of the body, such as the face and chin. To do this, we need to do a small liposuction or mini liposuction. During liposuction, about 200 ml of fat is removed from your body and then used to angle the jaw.

In order to get the most out of this article, in this section, we have written a review of jaw angulation with fat injection in a comparative way with gel injection to get a better understanding of fat injection and to better understand the difference between the two. .

Types of facial angulation methods and their side effects

1- Angling by gel injection

Angling the face can be done by injecting gel. This procedure is non-surgical and does not require anesthesia. Hyaluronic acid gel is usually used, but other gels are also used according to the doctor’s diagnosis. Gels have different shelf life from six months to more than two years.

Effects of facial angulation with gel injection

Some people may be allergic to the contents of the gels.

Symmetry may not be achieved on the first injection, and the person may need to return and correct the symmetry after two weeks.

The duration of this treatment is temporary and should be repeated every six months to 18 months.

Bruising and swelling of the face may persist for up to 2 days.

Non-standard gels and materials may be used in unreliable centers.

Facial angulation with fat injection

Fat injection is another method of angling the face. This method is a little more difficult than gel injections, because at first the excess fat in other parts of the body is removed in the required amount according to the individual’s preference and the doctor’s opinion, which is done with special needles called canola and under local anesthesia. This method is more durable than other methods and lasts for more than three years.

After processing and separation, fat is injected into parts of the face such as the cheeks that have lost their volume, creating a jaw line that fits the other parts of the face. The result of this treatment is very natural and does not cause allergies because the fat has been removed from the body. For more information about fat injection, refer to the article “Fat injection and its applications and benefits” from this site.

Effects of angulation of the face with fat injection

In this method, small incisions are made in the skin, which may cause scarring.

Injected fat may be absorbed by 30 to 70 percent of the body and the results will be reduced within six months and the person will need to be re-injected.

The chances of infection are low, but they may be.

The amount of fat injected may naturally decrease as you lose or gain weight.

Post-treatment care must be taken carefully and the swelling will persist for several weeks.

Facial asymmetry may occur.

Angle the face with the thread

In this method, with special threads of suture thread that enter the skin from the specified points and the other end of these threads is pulled in another area under the skin, lift of areas of the skin occurs.

Effects of angling the face with a thread lift

Yarn entry and exit areas may become infected.

The person may be able to feel the threads that are uncomfortable.

The thread may be seen under the skin or the thread may be torn, which should be referred to a doctor for replacement.

Facial angulation with Botox injections

In this method, after examining the shape of the face, Botox is injected into several areas of the skin to shrink some facial muscles. Botox lasts for six months and the injection must be repeated to maintain the results. Botox relaxes the muscles. Usually the muscles that cause chewing or gnashing of teeth create a square shape for the face, which can improve the square shape of the face.

Effects of angulation of the face with Botox injections

This method is short-lived and should be repeated every 6 months.

Bruising is seen at the injection site.

Botox injection areas are larger than filler.

Pressing on the skin and sleeping on the abdomen should be avoided for a few days after treatment.

Facial angulation with surgery

This method is used for severe changes and involves cutting a part of the bone. This operation is the most durable, but like other surgical methods, it has more complications than non-surgical methods.

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