Face Mask for Acne

Here is the top best face mask that can prevent your acne easily. You can prepare this face mask easily at home. These face masks are best suited for oily and acne-prone skin.

5 Face Mask for Acne free skin

Turmeric and Neem Face Pack

The best anti-biotic, one can use for the healthy treatment of skin are neem and turmeric. They possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They are the most effective products for the treatment of acne and scars and keeping up the skin healthy. This neem and turmeric paste is made by grinding the neem leaves into powdery form and then adding up turmeric powder accordingly. Now, you can add up either normal water or rose water to convert into paste form. Apply it on to your washed off face for 10 minutes and then rinse it off. Continue applying it twice in a week for better results.

MultaniMitti and Lemon Face Pack

MultaniMitti and lemon possess oil-absorbing properties, cleanses the skin and stimulates circulation leading to clearer skin.MultaniMitti is natural and herbal to use helping you treat acne. It is very easy to prepare Multani Matti and lemon face pack, all you require is 2 spoons of Multani Matti, 1 spoon of lemon and enough rose water to make it a face pack. Apply this for 10 minutes and wash off your face. You will get to see better results when you use it twice a week until you get rid of acne.

Neem and Rosewater Face Pack

Neem is considered to be so effective and herbal for the skin. It can be used in multiple ways for skin treatment. Neem is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammable for acne treatment. Thus, you can easily get rid of acne with the use of a simple neem pack. All you need is to do grind the neem leaves into a powdery form, add some rose water to it so that you can get the paste form. Now apply it on your washed off face. Leave it for 10 minutes and now rinse it off. You will get to see the effective result when to apply it continuously at least for 2-3 times a week until you get rid of acne.

Sandalwood and Rose Water Face Pack

Sandalwood constitutes astringent properties that prevent skin from the breakout. It helps in removing blemishes and making the skin glow brighter. Sandalwood is also herbal causing no side effects. You can easily prepare a sandalwood pack at home. Mix up sandalwood powder with rose water and make a paste from it. Put on the mask on your face after proper cleansing and then wash it off. You will surely get to see effective results.

Honey and Lemon Face Pack

As honey and lemon both possess many qualities and properties for treatment of skin, acne treatment is one of them. The lemon and honey pack will be the best idea to treat your acne, as lemon contains alpha-hydroxy acids and honey constitutes of anti-oxidants essential for fighting radical damages of skin and treating acne effectively. Both ingredients are easily available at home, so you can use them to make a face pack and apply it

Before the use of any face pack, do not forget to rinse off the face and also know about the type of your skin. Some people might be allergic to some products, avoid using them as they may react to your skin. Wash off the face as the pack dries, don’t leave it for too long. Follow the precautions for better results.

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