Face Serums: What Are They and Why Do I Want One?


When it comes to skin care, you’re almost certainly acquainted with the classic 3-step process of cleanse, tone and moisturise, correct? But possibly lately you have been hearing a good deal about face serums and you have been left wondering about them. What are they? Do I need to have one? Get far more facts about เซรั่มณัชชา

The reputation of face serums has been steadily growing in current years and they are fast becoming an integral part of your each day skin care regime of ladies all more than the world. Yes, that is appropriate – there is a 4th component for your standard skin care routine that you simply should really seriously think about adopting for the reason that it may have real benefits for your complexion. And here’s why…

Firstly, what are face serums?

Face serums are extremely concentrated formulations packed with nutrients, for example vitamins and botanical extracts, created to deeply nourish, hydrate, repair and guard your skin. Most serums are either oil or water-based.

Are not face serums just like moisturisers?

Not really. Face serums are various to typical face lotions and creams in that they include smaller molecules. This allows them to penetrate the skin far more rapidly and more deeply than common moisturisers, thereby generating them more efficient. In addition, the concentration of active components in serums may be as high as 70%, compared with concentrations of about 5-10% in standard moisturisers. So they could really pack a punch!

Benefits of face serums:

Due to their exclusive and concentrated formulas, and their capability to reach into the deeper dermal layers of one’s skin, serums can help with:

• Superior hydration from the skin

• A reduction inside the visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots

• A reduction in skin pigmentation and evening out of skin tone

• Prevention of acne

How do I use a serum?

Whilst serums is usually used on their own with no a typical moisturiser, it’s typically encouraged that both a serum and moisturiser be used so that you can attain maximum hydration benefits, especially throughout the colder months with the year, or should you have specifically dry or mature skin. Serums are usually applied soon after cleansing and toning and before moisturising. Because of their high concentration of nutrients, only a handful of drops are needed and it is actually advised that the serum be applied while the skin continues to be damp from your toner as this also aids with absorption from the serum. Merely apply together with your fingers within a gentle patting motion. Follow straight away along with your selected organic moisturiser and also the serum’s outstanding absorption properties may also assist with absorption of one’s moisturiser – double bonus!

Which serum is correct for me?

Just like other skin care products, you are able to locate a facial serum suited to your precise skin kind. Go for a certified organic face serum so you’ll be able to make sure it truly is free from harmful or toxic ingredients. The entire philosophy around face serums is quickly, deeply penetrating hydration so you will would like to be sure that only the most beneficial, nourishing components are within your serum.

For those who have dry or mature skin, we suggest you come across an organic facial serum that incorporates Hyaluronic Acid which has an wonderful capability to hold in moisture (1000ml of water per gram of Hyaluronic Acid!).

We also love face serums that consist of Australian native extracts like Kakadu Plum which has one from the highest concentrations of bio-nutrient offered Vitamin C of any fruit.

And if you are enthusiastic about targeting these places which will betray our age, then go for a serum with components which have antioxidant properties, like Vitamin E, Vitamin C as well as Green Tea. These components might help fight free radicals which can speed up the ageing process. They will also aid to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and these pesky “crow’s feet”.

There isn’t any doubt that all skin types can advantage from the ultra-nourishing and fantastic anti-ageing properties of facial serums. So, should you really feel like your moisturiser could do with a tiny ‘boost’, grab a certified organic facial serum and give it a go.

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