Facebook Ads For Explainer Videos

The numbers are clear; people will convert more and make a purchase after they watch a video.There are many avenues to get explainer videos in front of your customer base and we will be tackling Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads For Explainer Videos

Facebook has made this available because by the end of 2017, video ads will constitute 17% of the total ads running in the internet. YouTube has a head start but Facebook is a large social media platform, if not the only actual meaningful network out there. So it’s important for businesses to tap this medium to get more revenue.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your ads will hit their mark. One is setting up a page, which is free and the other is subscribing to Facebook’s Ad service. Proper use of both will exponentially increase the effectiveness of either.

Make it easier for your customers to find you.

When you set up a Facebook page include your clearly written company name and make sure you omit any other descriptions and special characters that will make it hard for people to search for you.

  • If you may think that jamming in keywords in the name will work for you, it won’t. Facebook will flag it as spam and the legitimacy of your page will be questioned, and that’s terrible for setting up an Ad campaign.

  • When your page gets 25 likes you then need to set up a “vanity url” which is like a “username” for your page. You can check its availability at http://www.facebook.com/username. You will then go to the “about” tab on the left part of your facebook window, select “page info” and “edit” to make changes to your url name.
  • Your Facebook page About Section can save you a lot of trouble since you can put contact information in there and have your customer get to know you, your processes and your product much more before they contact you. This being said, make sure you put relevant information such as your operating hours, response times, your website, etc. to set the customers’ expectations properly.
  • Cover and profile photos will need to be relevant and include your branding to have your customers easily recognize you.
  • Backlink to your Facebook page as much as possible from your website and blog posts to increase your page’s relevance / ranking in Google search. Encourage other companies or customers to do the same as much as you can.
  • Always include a call to action button to have your customer do what you want them to do to get your product. You can edit what message you want to in your page.
Setting up your Facebook advertising campaign.
  • Always make sure you keep your Mobile and Desktop ads in separate setups. This is so you can optimize each ad for what device you will show them. There are different bids and conversions for different devices and calls to action will have different results on each one as well.
  • Segment your ads. Separate the news feed and right column ads because both have different structures. The news feed should have larger images and right column ads should focus on catch phrases and calls to action.
  • Check your images to see which one work best, try different ones and check their click through rates.
  • Calls to action can be put into ads through the “Ad Setup” menu. Choose the appropriate one for your type of product or service and the current choices are Download, Book Now, Sign Up, Shop Now, and Learn More.
  • Set up your Ad sets and segment your audiences according to what target interest is available. The general rule is to group your target interests into topics, and make one set of ads per topic.
  • Now this one is surprisingly overlooked. Always install conversion pixels as this will yield more accurate conversion tracking results. Set up a pixel for each goal you have for your ads such as your shopping cart page, thank you page, etc. Provide one conversion code for each ad so your conversion tracking can tell you if your ad is achieving its goal.
  • Getting your demographics right is critical in your ads success. Set up your Ad targeting by behavior, this pays off much more than interest targeting since you can directly tap into your target market by doing this. Each behavior topic will need to have one Ad set linked to them for maximum effect. Targeting by income (for higher end businesses) will need to be set up, as well as Age and Gender groups. You can see historic data on all these metrics in the Ad Manager menu and selecting Reports.
  • Test your bidding strategy to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, you don’t need to spend more than is necessary to get the results you want and the best cost per conversion.

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