Facebook for iPad Receive Slide Over and Split View Support in the New Update

Facebook has released a feature on iPad that users were waiting for a long time. In the recent update of Facebook, there are a couple of cool features that have been released. The iPad’s split-screen feature was available for a long time, but apps like Facebook were not compatible. Meanwhile, the wait is over, and now it appears that users can get their hands on this feature. The company also added multitasking support into the Facebook app of iPad.

Before the update, Facebook was not part of multitasking. Undoubtedly Facebook is one of those social media platforms that people usually prefer to use. So it was necessary for the company to upgrade the app that is compatible with iPad multitasking. With this new compatibility, users will be able to use Facebook and any other app on the side by the side window. iPad is supporting Split Screen and Multi Touch from the iOS 9, but Facebook makes itself compatible now with new updates.

The presence of this specific feature was important practically because the iPad has a big display. The new update of Facebook proceeds with the changes in the app, so the users can use any other application like notes or any other item all along with Facebook on another window. Furthermore, Download and install the latest version of Facebook from the App store, which is totally free.

Split Screen view splits the screen in two where you can add one item from one side of the window to another window of the screen at the same time. Whenever you are using any application on your iPad, you can use Facebook at the same exact time. It means you don’t need to close another app to open the Facebook app. It may increase the growth of your productivity. You don’t need to minimize the app or close the app for using Facebook because it can be used on the half side of the screen.

To use this newest feature, you need to install the latest version of Facebook. iPad has its App Store to download the applications. If you haven’t updated the app, you might not be able to use this new feature all along. Most of the users who use iPad probably use multitasking and the Split Screen feature because it is one of the remarkable features that make the iPad different from others.

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