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The process of learning new information can be carried out in many ways, but one of the most effective methods is association. Regardless if it’s image, sound, or words. On this principle, Fact will provide users with an accessible means of learning new things by studying the associations between various terms, processes which can be easily extrapolated to didactical purposes, such as tests for students.
Search for either the answer or the question, and select your preferred source from the on-screen drop-down menu
The application’s main working principle revolves around the use of a pre-defined dictionary, in the form of a text file, which contains the question and answers pairs. This means that users will be able to easily tweak their data source. However, no access to online dictionaries is provided.
The developer was kind enough to provide a simple set of instructions for those who wish to understand more about the text files required by the app, how to work with them, and their characteristic elements, here.
Select one of the three modes, for learning, practicing and testing, in accordance with your particular requirements
Three different work modes will enable users to perform the learning process in accordance with their level and necessities. For instance, the learning mode will allow one to have access to both the questions and the answers, freely, which is ideal for the first stages of the learning process.
The other two modes, namely practice, and test, will have the answers hidden and the questions presented only once, respectively, making for an ideal choice in the event of the completion of the learning process and the deployment of a test, regardless if you’re a student or not.
Compact and lightweight learning platform that offers simple handling and effectiveness
With very little to be desired for and very straightforward handling, this Q&A utility will offer you an easy way of taking your learning process and testing to the next level.







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You will be able to have access to the answers to your questions, whenever and wherever you want, thanks to the Android application, developed by Quantitraot, designed to support the development of didactic processes.
Key Features:
Pre-loaded dictionaries: Various dictionaries, both official and user-made, will be loaded for each question, allowing you to seek the answer, or to verify that your answer is right.
Separate modes: Three different working modes will be offered, enabling you to have the answers and the questions presented separately, as you wish.
Intuitive Q&A dictionary: To save time and effort, there is no need to type the question, as it will be displayed by the application, asking you to confirm or not, as your wish.
Informative illustrations: A simple application that will teach you in a user-friendly and entertaining way, that is, if you love to learn and test yourself.
No need to login: You will be able to access all the contents, without having to be logged in to the application.
Fully customizable: Every time you need to tweak your data, you will be able to download a new dictionary.
Support for various languages: English, Spanish, Italian and French are the only supported languages, but if you want to learn something, just download the desired dictionary from the Google Play Store.
How to use it:
Download and install the application onto your device, and go to the settings to verify what languages are available. You can also customize the order in which the data will be displayed, the number of associations, as well as the number of questions, answers and answers per question.
Support for the application:
If you experience any difficulties, or have any suggestions, please share them, as the information will help us improve the application.
Informative links:
Website: www.fact-app.com/
Google Play Store:

“We developed the application to assist and support you in the study of the German language, which is perhaps one of the most difficult languages to learn”, says Tommaso Gritti, COO of Quantitraot. “This application works on association, but also on metaphors. By reading the questions, you can see an image and hear the answers, allowing you to see the phrases and the process, which

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Mobile Scrapbook is a mobile application that collects everything.
It is a digital notebook, where you can capture, archive and organize your life.
The application stores photos, videos, audio and text documents.
You can find and save the files by location.
It has been designed for your mobile devices, iOS and Android devices.


First of all, we’d like to say thank you for using our amazing KeyMACRO app and leave you with a warning not to make any unwise purchases while using the application.
Downloading KeyMACRO should be free, and while there is always a free trial available, in our case, the application is free for those willing to register on our website and perform the initial setup. Registration is quick and easy, requiring only the providing of an email address, but it does give you some additional benefits as well.
The application provides extensive functionality, which will surely attract potential users.
This is reflected in the wide range of features available to you, including capturing photos, videos, audio and text documents, and storing them in a well organized manner, thus allowing for the organization of your information in an efficient manner.
KeyMACRO allows users to perform a quick search in their archives, which will provide them with access to all of the things you’ve captured, an advantage not available in most similar apps.

KeyMACRO is an app that allows you to manage and organize your multimedia.
Mobile Scrapbook is a digital notebook, where you can capture, archive and organize your life.
You can create albums of photos, videos, audio and text documents.
You can search and find the files by location.
With a mobile app you can stay connected with your multimedia.

KeyMACRO Description:

The internet is full of places to get help. Whether you want to learn something new, look for a job or are simply curious, you can find a website that can answer all your questions.
However, most of the time you will find websites that only offer general information on a particular topic.
That’s why we created an application that brings all the necessary information to your smartphone.
It’s your own personal encyclopedia with all the knowledge you need at your fingertips.
With a search function it’s easy to find help on many different topics.
You can easily select the topics of interest and enjoy all the available knowledge.
As soon as you want

Fact For PC

i. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the Instapaper icon (orange box).
ii. Enter a title for the bookmark and the URL of the article.
iii. Tap on “Save Bookmark”.
iv. Scroll up to the top of the screen and tap on the “Favourite” icon (pink box) to the left of the Instapaper icon.
v. Tap on “Load Bookmark”.
vi. Tap on the tab of the feed which you wish to load the bookmark into.

Notes for iPhone Users

1. Tap the 3 dots icon (…) next to the Instapaper icon.
2. Tap on “Set Up Favourites”.
3. Navigate to the folder (Media) on your iPhone where you want to save your feeds and tap on “Add Folder”.
4. Tap on “Done”.
5. Tap on “OK” to save the folder.
6. Go back to the Instapaper page and tap on the 2 dots icon (…) next to the bookmark.
7. Tap on “Add Bookmark”.
8. Navigate to the feed which you want to add to the bookmark.
9. Tap on “Done”.
10. Tap on “OK” to save your bookmark.

When you are done with the Instapaper bookmark, tap on the 2 dots icon (…) to remove it.

Notes for Android Users

1. Tap on the Instapaper icon (grey circle) on the top left of the page.
2. Tap on “Edit”.
3. Tap on “Add”.
4. Tap on the folder (Media) on your Android device where you want to save your feeds.
5. Tap on “Add Folder”.
6. Tap on “Done”.
7. Tap on “OK” to save the folder.
8. Go back to the Instapaper page and tap on the 3 dots icon (…).
9. Tap on “Edit Bookmarks”.
10. Navigate to the feed which you want to add to the bookmark.
11. Tap on “Done”.
12. Tap on “OK” to save your bookmark

What’s New In Fact?

The app will always keep track of the previous items that have been selected in the list, so that users will be able to select the correct answer after answering the previous question.
Category: Education

Lego Education I.Q. Test This is a free and a useful app for all the children who are still in primary school, and who want to test their levels of education by playing the Lego I.Q. game. With this app, you can build Lego models and play with them. You can challenge your friends and compete with them to see who is the smartest Lego builder.
Lego Education I.Q. Test is a game for kids ages 6-12. In the game, you can make your own models and challenge them to a quiz. After that, you can compare your scores with your friends’ scores, and see who is the smartest builder. The more models you build, the higher your score will be. This is the perfect app for kids to become more familiar with Lego and for you to see if they have a good imagination or not.
You can create models of any shape and size, but only for the five basic shapes: rectangle, triangle, circle, square, and hexagon.
You can compare your scores with your friends’ scores, and see who is the smartest builder.
When you get a new score, you can see a progress bar, showing you the remaining time to build a new model.
You can share your progress by posting a screenshot of the page on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.
You can challenge your friends to a Lego building quiz.
The game’s language is English.
This is the latest version of the game.
What’s New:
This is the latest version of the game.

This App is aimed for kids and adults who like to play Games and Puzzle. There are four games in this app that will test your intelligence. Puzzles are very easy to learn and fun to play. The app contains four types of puzzles: Connect Four, Minesweeper, Sudoku and Solitaire. Connect Four is a classic game. Choose your color and connect 4 dots of the same color. You can play with your friends. Minesweeper is the game you would think. There is a board of squares with bombs. You must find the empty squares with the bombs. You can play the game with your friends. Sudoku is a logic puzzle. You must fill in the blank squares. Once you complete the puzzle it will be a “Sudoku” for you. Solitaire is a classic card game. The idea is that you must form the bridge so that you will win the game. The game is very simple and fun to play.
The app is free to use and play with your friends. It’s very easy to use and play, and the developers have tried their best to


System Requirements:

For STEAM version:
Windows 7,8,10
At least 1GB RAM
1.25GB free space on the system hard drive
Requires DirectX 9.0 compatible hardware and Steam client
For PPSSPP version:
Windows 98/XP/Vista
1.1GB free space on the system hard drive
Requires a Power PC capable of supporting 4 CPU cores and 4 GPU cores
(x64) For Windows 7:


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