Factors Influencing Product Design

Factors influencing product design

Product design is a crucial component of any industry especially the manufacturing industry. Product designing refers to designing products in such a way that it satisfies the needs of the consumers in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Designing includes the shape, size, features, portion, and packaging of the product. It is the design of the product that makes it stand out in the market. However, the product must be designed after taking into consideration several factors that influence the design. These include:

Fitness for purpose

The product designer must ascertain that the product he/she is developing possesses the required functions to satisfy the customers. If the product fits its purpose, then it deserves appreciation. If the product has any additional features at the same price, then it will gain extra credits over other products and the company will undoubtedly ace the competition.


This unique factor for product designing takes ‘ease of use’ into consideration. The product designer analyzes different human factors and designs the product as per the style and expectations of the users. Other factors such as health, comfort level, and safety are also considered while designing so that the product can be used conveniently by the end-users.

Raw materials

Though a product designer aims at creating a cost-effective product, the main factor which attracts a customer is enhanced quality of the product. So, using best quality raw materials is vital in product designing. The product designers must also be aware of latest trends in raw materials in order to create pioneering products. Furthermore, they must also be aware of the materials used by their competitors. The usage of high-quality raw materials enhances the reputation of the firm.


While designing a product, its end cost or cost is taken from the end-users must be taken into consideration. Proper knowledge of the estimated cost will allow the designers to choose raw materials and other features of the product accordingly. Usually, many managers and designers make blunders while deciding the price of product in accordance with the technology, designing or production process followed. They realize this blunder only after their company faces a decline in the profits and fails to stand among the competitors.

Environmental stability

Nowadays, environmental sustainability is the chief concern among society. Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems created by manufacturing companies as the production process causes harm to abundant natural resources. To overcome this factor, the introduction of eco-friendly design has become necessary. The modern-day consumers are themselves becoming environmentally conscious. In such a scenario, eco-friendly products are all the rage.

So, these were some of the main factors that affect product designing. A product designer must be aware of major factors influencing product design and he/she must be abreast of the latest trends of the field. At Avantika University, we keep our students updated on all the latest developments in the field. We offer Bachelor of Design (B.Des) and Master of Design (M.Des) course in industrial design that teaches the candidates product design as well as space design. The course familiarises the students with the principles and concepts of designing. The students of Avantika University are mentored by the experts of MIT Institute of Design. The design college follows design-thinking and unique learning pedagogy that emphasize on ‘how to think’. Its world-class curriculum makes Avantika counted among the top design colleges in India.

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