Factors Influencing the Cost of Hiring Retro Jukebox


When considering to hire retro jukebox, it’s important to know all the factors influencing the retro jukebox hire Sydney prices. Factors such as having a party, seasonal effects and even day of the week can affect the price of hiring Retro Jukebox, so you’ll need to be fully aware of them to ensure you get the most affordable deal possible. This article will provide you with more information about factors influencing the cost of Sydney retro jukebox hire and help you make an informed decision when booking this entertainment service.

Number of Songs

The number of songs a jukebox can hold has a direct impact on its weight, which subsequently impacts shipping costs. A jukebox with 600 songs will take up more space in a truck than one with only 200. It may also be heavier, and so require more fuel to transport it from its origin to your event site. As you can imagine, there are many factors involved in calculating delivery rates. This is why it’s important to contact us directly when inquiring about pricing. The jukebox hire company help you choose a model that best fits your needs without breaking your budget.

Size and Quality

The size and quality of a jukebox will impact the cost of retro jukebox hire Sydney. Smaller jukeboxes are generally cheaper than larger ones because they contain fewer records, discs, and CDs. Lower-quality models can also be cheaper than higher-quality ones if their sound reproduction is not as good. Of course, patrons are often willing to pay more for a better listening experience; if you decide to buy a premium jukebox, keep in mind that it might cost more to operate. Higher-end models tend to have longer warranties and include more parts that can break down over time. In addition, these machines usually require regular maintenance or repair work.

Extra Features

The client will be able to select from a variety of themes for their event. Themes include Rock, Sixties and Jazz. This can alter pricing, as we don’t want to make our clients pay more than they have to. The price is determined by what equipment needs to be hired, how many days it must be set up before hand, and how many songs must be loaded into it beforehand. We will discuss these requirements with our clients personally.

Maintenance Costs

The machinery involved in a jukebox is relatively complex, and therefore requires maintenance. As an operator it’s important to keep track of when maintenance should be performed so you can stay within safety regulations and ensure your equipment remains in good working order. There are 3 different types of maintenance checks for jukeboxes – Visual, Audible & Tactile.

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