Factors That Affect the Cost of Commercial Painting Project


The physical appearance of a commercial property plays a crucial role in making a great impression on customers, retaining employees, and attracting target audiences. But, it’s often overlooked by many business owners as the cost is the major concern when it comes to commercial painting Sydney. Of course, as a owner, you are concerned about the budget when considering building maintenance projects. But, that shouldn’t prevent you from getting the benefits of a fresh coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint is one of the cost-effective and easiest ways to transform your facility instantly.

Understanding the commercial painting costs can be challenging. This is because the cost differs from one project to another based on several factors. Knowing the factors could help you make informed decisions.

Type and Quality of Paint

The quality of paint is one of the significant factors that affect the cost of a commercial painting project. So, you don’t want to skimp it. High-quality coating and specialised coatings will cost more than others. But, they offer long-lasting results and a better finish, including protecting against elements such as marine, corrosion, and industrial environments, chemicals, impacts, and abrasion. From the long-term perspective, better paint will reduce the maintenance costs and how often you need to repaint your facility.

The Complexity of the Building

This is one of the major aspects of a commercial panting project that greatly influences the overall cost. Different types of buildings pose different painting challenges because of their height and structural details. Specific tools and skills are required to paint such a complex building. In such projects, the panting cost will be high and if there are major repair work, then it will be added to the overall cost. While fixing minor cracks and chips prices are included, big holes on the drywall. In addition to it, textured walls can cost more.


Unlike house painting, a commercial painting job requires a lot of materials and tools, including rollers, brushes, paint trays, drop cloths, painters, tape, pan liners, and etc. Lodging and mileage will also affect the cost of the materials if the project requires commercial painters Sydney to travel long distances.

Labour Cost

Labour costs are a major factor that affects the cost of the commercial painting job. How many hours does it requires to complete the project, from preparation to clean up? Generally, labour costs are generally charged on an hourly basis. On average, commercial painting contractors Sydney covers approximately 200square feet in an hour. So, based on this you could roughly calculate the labour cost. The bigger the square foot, the higher the cost.

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