Factors That Affect Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost


If you’re looking to have your wisdom teeth removed, you may be curious about how much the procedure will cost and what factors can affect the price of wisdom teeth removal surgery. Your dentist will be able to give you a firm estimate once he or she has examined your mouth and reviewed your dental history, but in general, wisdom teeth removal price Sydney range from $225 to $375 depending on whether you need one tooth taken out or all four removed and what factors might increase the cost of your treatment. The following are some of the variables that can affect the cost of wisdom teeth removal in your area.

Number of Extraction

The number of wisdom teeth that need to be removed will affect the cost. If you only have one tooth that needs to be removed, for example, it is usually a lot cheaper than if all four need to be extracted.

Type Of Extraction

The type of extraction will determine the cost. An impacted tooth is one that can’t be removed naturally, and it needs to be cut out with a surgical procedure. This procedure may require an overnight hospital stay and general anaesthesia. The cost for removing wisdom teeth Sydney can range anywhere from $250 to $375.

If you have wisdom teeth that are not impacted, you will need a simple extraction which is done without any cutting or surgery and can take place in a dentist’s office. this may change from $225 to $250.

Other factors that affect the cost are:

Whether or not there are any complications from other types of infections in your mouth, such as gum disease.

Dentist You Choose

You should be able to find a dentist that offers wisdom teeth removal that is in line with your budget. If you are looking for affordable wisdom teeth removal Sydney, ask your dentist about discounts or payment plans. You may also want to consult with other dentists and get quotes from them as well. Ultimately, the decision is yours when it comes to what you can afford.

Type of Anaesthesia Used

The type of anaesthesia you choose can have a drastic effect on your cost. Anaesthesia options include IV sedation, oral sedation, and general anaesthesia.


Patient’s medical history, type of surgery, anaesthesia and hospital fees is all factors that can affect the cost of wisdom tooth removal. These costs can range from $225 to $250 for simple extractions to more than $375 for complex cases such as impacted teeth or those that have been damaged by infection.

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