Factors that Make an Appealing Web Design

Websites these days play an integral role for businesses to establish their brands as well as showcase to prospective customers what their products and services have to offer them. They act as your real estate in the virtual world to represent your company’s image and help you become distinguishable from competitors.

This is why a website design needs your attention as it plays a fundamental role in how your website is laid out for the eyes of visitors and how it enables interactions with your online web traffic. Read further to know about principles that can improve your overall web design:

Simplicity and Minimalistic Approach

Instead of saturating the viewer with lots of details or media, it is best to follow a concise directive governed by your business objective and the core purpose behind the website or a particular webpage. Here a minimalistic approach will allow you to layout design elements in a way that is intentional and not an overhaul. This will result in a better user experience and usability of your website.

User-Friendly Navigation

As mentioned earlier your website acts as a virtual property that users will come visit online. You don’t want them to get lost anytime when they are on your website and this is where navigation comes into play. You should always keep navigation consistent and intuitive on every page which is the key to success from keeping your users to get infuriated.

Incorporate Reading Pattern

In the west, people generally scan text using a Z-pattern where the human eye travels from left to right and top to bottom when they read. This eye movement of your viewers should be instilled in your website’s design as it would help make it easier for visitors to traverse through your visual and written content.

Create Visual Hierarchy

In order to let your online visitors know and differentiate the most important information from the least important information, you must establish a visual hierarchy. This can be done in several ways using size differences, a contrast in colors, typeface typography,  and the use of white space to name a few. You should also consider giving your website’s design a defining structure that works well or is tried and tested.

Well Written Content

Surprisingly when it comes to website design, great content that is written accordingly to a plan or strategy can tremendously complement how your website behaves for viewers. Both design elements and written text go hand in hand and are inseparable when it comes to generating a positive impact on your visitors.

Fast Loading Times

While this doesn’t come directly under the umbrella of web designing, it however greatly impacts user experience. This is why as a web designer you should always consider improving the performance of the website in whichever way possible and this includes lowering the time required to load the website and its respective pages. Compressing images is one way to go about it.

Mobile Friendliness

In terms of devices, smartphones reign supreme when it comes to generating most online traffic as compared to desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and other handheld devices. This is why as a website designer you should focus on building a website that is mobile friendly and offers a great user experience. Your web layout should be responsive as well as adjustable to different screens.

User-Centric Features

The success or failure of your website depends on the usability and utility it generates for the person who visits online. Since their opinion decides everything a standard approach for building a profit-oriented website is to follow a user-centric approach. This can include things like search boxes, links to important pages, chatbox or instant messaging features, contact page, sitemap, and the list goes on.

Instant Gratification

One thing you need to learn along the fact that viewers don’t read but scan text is that users also do not make optimal choices but they always expect from you instant gratification. This is why your design elements should support this behavior and never intend to confuse them or make them wait after making a choice or undergoing a condition. Users today don’t like undue time and if you don’t comply they would leave your website without giving it a second thought.

Always Aim for Feature Exposure

What your website does, what it offers, the benefits of your products and services, and the advantages of your offers, all of this is important to your business and you should never undermine this. Your website design should never forget the main purpose of attracting users’ attention to your desired outcomes. This can include CTAs (call to actions) or making them perform a simple task.

Final Word

There is a lot when it comes to making an alluring web design and the more you are able to understand the user’s perspective the better site you can build that retains their presence. Moreover, you should be able to bridge the gaps between what the user wants and what the business has to offer in order to come up with a functional web design suited for targeted audiences.

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