Factors to Consider When Hire Storage Unit

By definition, a storage building is a covered place intended to store products of all kinds over a more or less long period. When the object of the building aims to store, temporarily, goods ready to be dispatched, we then speak of a logistics platform.

To ensure efficient storage and preserve what will be there, it is necessary to build hard. Indeed, even if the capitals have had the wind in their sails, this type of building offers little security and can even expose the stored material to an increased risk of theft.

To choose your storage building, it is, therefore, necessary to answer specific questions that will guide the professional’s choice.

Before even looking for a provider, you must determine the necessary size of your building. Estimate the volume of goods to be stored at the height of your activity to be sure to make the most of it. This reflection must also include the height necessary for the smooth running of the company’s activity and circulation in and around the building. To keep your things safe it is good to hire only good storage places in Bangalore.

  • Which storage building structure to choose?

If there are different types of frames, such as wood or aluminum, it is steel that allows you to benefit from a building that complies with the latest European standards. In addition to its strength and longevity, steel never loses its structural qualities while guaranteeing total recycling at the end of its life.

  • What coverage for a storage building?

Ideal for unheated and short-term installations (< 24 months). Thanks to its ease of installation, this material is an appropriate choice for companies looking for warehouse storage in Bangalore that is quick to implement.

Another possibility is the steel cover. Whether in a single layer or sandwich panels, it can meet all needs. This type of roof gives the building increased longevity.

  • Storage building, is the building permit compulsory?

In most cases, the answer is yes. However, some points should be clarified. Whether in standardized or traditional construction, the building permit is compulsory for sale or rent.

However, if the floor area is less than 20m2 in the context of a new construction or 40m2 for an extension, then a simple declaration will suffice. Finally, constructions subject to defense secrecy and temporary buildings whose installation does not exceed three months are exempt from building permits.

  • Buy or rent your storage building?

Before choosing one or the other solutions, it is necessary to identify the need and consider its evolution. As such, the structure cannot be subject to depreciation. Rents are therefore directly charged to the company’s results. By choosing to buy, the professional enters into investment logic. The objective is to enable the company to develop, and this new building will support its growth. In addition, the building will add value to the company’s land. To make this project a success, it is necessary to call on an expert company in this field.

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