Factors to Consider While Buying New Tyres

While you think about buying new tyres for your car, you find out different brands, types and companies that are enough to make you totally confused.

In this condition, you require proper help from a trusted and authentic source.

In this blog, we are going to provide reliable information about the process of buying new tyres.

We are sure you will find this article beneficial.

Before you make a final decision, you have to ponder on some main factors that are essential in the tyre buying process.

These factors are the size of tyres, performance factors, tyre type, and your budget.

We will examine all these factors one by one.

Tyre size and other information

If you are about to buy new tyres, you have to consider tyre size before anything else. If you are not familiar with the size of your tyres, you can see them on the sidewall of the tyres. You will find this information in the form of a series of English letters and numbers.

Generally, this code expresses the width of the tyre, aspect ratio, the diameter of the wheel, type of tyre etc.

Besides, this information, the sidewall of the tyre show speed rating and loading capacity as well.

Speed rating shows the highest limit of speed and loading capacity indicates the highest level of loading power.

Performance factors

Nowadays, tyres come with different features that may change the behaviour of tyres. For example, a tyre may run on smooth roads but the same model would not work on a sandy surface.

When you buy new tyres, you have to consider these performance traits. Common features in modern tyres are explained below:

Road noise:

Some tyres are quiet on the road and driver find this performance feature very comfortable during their journey. The level of quietness is different in tyres and you can make a final decision according to your own goals.

Rolling resistance:

While your tyres Lichfield move on rigid or smooth surfaces, they have to overcome rolling resistance to run successfully on the road. The level of low rolling resistance shows the tyre’s efficiency and it is vital for fuel consumption as well.

Grip and traction:

Tyres are made to provide a better grip on the roads. Therefore, you have to look at the road holding power of tyres as well. This performance feature is vital to consider especially in bad weather conditions.



Of course, you would like to buy durable tyres since you do not wish to change the tyres unnecessarily. You can increase the life of your tyres by proper maintenance as well.

Tyre type

A lot tyre types are available in the market. You can choose any type according to your demands and goals.

Some common types of tyres are seasonal tyres, budget tyres, run-flat tyres, high-performance tyres, environment-friendly tyres, terrain-based tyres etc.


Your budget also plays a vital role while you buy new tyres Mainly three types of tyres are available if you consider the cost of tyres. These tyres are called budget tyres, mid-range tyres, and premium tyres.

Premium tyres are available at high-cost whereas budget tyres come with a low price tag. You can go for mid-range tyres if you do not want to compromise with quality and looking for affordable tyres. Budget tyres are available in the market for customers who are interested in low-cost tyres. if you want to buy Cheap Tyres Cannock you need to consider your goals before making any deal. Moreover, buy these tyres from a reliable dealer since only authentic dealers follow safety guidelines when they sell budget tyres.

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