Facts And Myths Related to Nano Ceramic Coating For Cars

A big chunk of the population are very particular about their cars and automobiles. Even when they are casual about their own rooms and houses, many like to keep their cars in top-notch condition and ensure that there are no scratches, dirt, or any sort of marks and scars on the exterior. Nano ceramic coatings are essentially an additional layer of protection for your beloved car that can produce outstanding results as far as improving  the aesthetics and physical appearance of the vehicle is concerned. They basically protect your car from stains, marks, and even minor bumps and scratches. Nano ceramic coatings are really beneficial for the maintenance of your car and can be of immense help in the long run.

That being said, there are many different brands selling similar ceramic coatings and it can get tricky for the buyer to choose the best option. Moreover, most of the conventional coating suppliers market and promote their manufactured products by claiming them to be the best and that is not always true. There are advertisement videos showing that the car remains intact even after getting keyed by the kids. Or there could be a mud fight and not a drop of muck is left behind on the car screens and windows. Thus, if you are interested in knowing the reality, read on to find out the true facts and myths about ceramic coatings that you as a car lover must know.

  • Protecting The Car Paint: While buying a new car, color plays a very important role. There are cases when the final deal has been postponed simply because the exact color that the buyer wanted wasn’t available. Having a second skin that cannot be seen by the naked eyes and yet, can protect your freshly painted car is a great idea. This coating does a brilliant job pof keeping your car safe from chemicals, UV rays and water, and other such liquids.  At the same time, if you are expecting that the paint will remain undamaged throughout, you are wrong. However great the ceramic coating is, if the stains are too deep, there is no other option apart from taking the car to a car wash.
  • Scratch Protection: If you have been attention you will see the advertisements for the ceramic coating say that this nano layer is a great anti-scratch weapon. Sure, minor scratches, abrasions, and dents can be dealt with easily and quickly if there is a shield-like Parylene AF4 polymer covering the outer surface. But in cases of more severe issues like a big indentation, a servicing at the showroom is going to be your only solution. Though these coatings are incredible for keeping your car spick and span, there are certain damages that require additional care and attention.
  • Over All Maintenance of The Car: The general notion is that once you have successfully applied the nano-ceramic coating, there is no requirement for any maintenance. This, unfortunately, is a myth. No matter what material or composition you use, your vehicle is always going to require regular servicing and care. Similarly, even when you apply a Parylene AF4 polymer coating on the pre-installed electric lines and gadgets, as the owner you will always have to take your car for its scheduled servicing and maintenance.  Nano Crematic Coating

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