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In this competition, Titan passed the two extraches of the two extraches & mdash; & mdash; Corre-Davis and Adam Hunfris & mdash; & mdash; all could not appear because of the new crown reserve list. The team’s number one takes over A.j. Brown (A.j.Brown) is actually hurt. In the case of such a big impact on the pick-up position, it may be a more important role in the case of Derrick Henry. Henry’s performance may not only affect the stable advancement of Titan offense, but also affect the quality of the team fake truth. In the fourth week of Bill against the Las Vegas raid, Bill succeeded to the opponent to run to Yashi, Jacobs (Josh Jacobs) just completed 15 shots to advance 48 yards. If Henry can’t play out, the Attack of Titan’s game may be very difficult.

The crow boss denies the pressure to maintain the “venting door” punishment
Baltimo Crow Board Steve – Steve Bisciotti has issued a declaration to deny that it is maintained to the NFL President Roger Gudel (Roger Goodell) to maintain the four-point guardian Tom-Brea Tom Brady reported four-game penalty report.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported on Saturday that even the big book went to Kansas City, the steel man planned to start Landry Jones. In the case where Mike Vick has been determined, Murphy will serve as a quarter-free appearance at Jones.

Fifth week focus prostitute: Buffalo Bill VS Tennesi Titan
Under a wave of three folds, Buffalobier finally determined to be held on Tuesday on Tuesday. Bill and Titan have played excellent this season, but Bill is alive in the first four weeks, and Titan is affected by new crown in the third week. What kind of competition will be brought about by different teams in different countries?

Although early October, Jackson won the news this year’s Hisman awards. However, because the overall performance of the team is poor, in recent weeks, he has also been challenged by other players in recent weeks. Although I said, but we can’t ignore this 19-year-old boy done in this season, we can’t ignore him that he has become a college competition. When he does not need to face defensive stress as a passage, he is no longer good. In the non-pressure state, his pass success rate reached 63.5%, and 26 reacted, There are 5 cases of being copied. However, after the pressure of the punch, his performance has also been affected, and the transfer rate of the passage is reduced to 41.1%, only 4 passes to reach, but there are 4 times of copying, this It is also the main reason why he is controversial.

Although the official website is still listed as an outer hand on the official website, Murphi served as quadruplicate in the university era. He was taken back to the quadrant position after the injury of Bruce Gradkowski this earlier. Murphy is responsible for simulating the four-point guard in this week.

The scroll coach said that the coach will continue to be remote office.
Kliff Kingsbury This Monday has entered the team amenities this week, but he said that he and the assistant will continue to work remotely.

Then, we can’t ignore the road strokes that Lamar-Jackson is like a Madden game. A total of 1793 yards in the season, successfully manufactured 46 wrong mistakes, and got 21 times. The Louisvil Coltai is a big problem on the offensive front line, and Jackson has tried to do everything that can be done to help this team into the playoffs. Although I didn’t succeed, Jackson’s performance was absolutely worthy of the most coveted trophy in college football.

The Titan defensive group faced the Bill offensive group led by Josh Allen. The Allen played in this season and has been considered one of the strong competitors of MVP. In the view of PFF, Allen’s passing scores in the first two seasons were respectively the fourth difference and the sixth poor. However, in the first three weeks of this season, Allen’s pass performance score reached 83.9, ranked fifth in the alliance. In the fourth week, Allen’s total comment reached 91.1, and the fourth week of PFF was selected. Bill in the ball attack weapons & mdash; & mdash; Stefon Digs, Cole Beasley and Gabriel Davis & Mdash; & mdash This season has played excellent. In the Titan defensive group, despite the defense of the DAQUAN Jones to come back Cheap jerseys From china the new crown reserve list, in addition to the defensive front line, pass the ball shock and second-line defensive, Titan affected by the injury in addition to the new crown epidemic. How can I defens defeat the offensive power?

“I have never clustered to the president or any representative NFL office is called & lsquo; the person who is in the event of the incident & rsquo;” Declaration of the team in the team is in the team. Express. “It is wrong about the news about me to Roger.”

After the third week, after the closing of the Niotida, it was closed due to new crown cases, and Titan was only the first time to carry out “real” training on Sunday. The team coach Mike Frabel has expressed the performance of this game “no excuse”. But so long before training is indeed a question mark to Titan’s state. What’s more, there are still many important players in the new crown reserve list, including Kamalei Correa, External Hand-Davis, Corey Davis, Corner Kristian – Fu Christian Fulton, Exterior Humphries and Defense Trisse. Jeffery Simmons.

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