Facts of Spray Tan Peterborough

The copper toned skin is a popular desire among the fair skinned people. To attain such results, we would be needing certain gels, tanning lotions, sun bed or Spray Tan Peterborough.

Spray Tan Peterborough

Dihydroxyacetone is the main ingredient available in the spray tanning which is a sugar form derived from the plant source. It is made to react with the amino acids present in the dead skin of our body. When DHA adheres with the skin, the color of the skin changes giving tanning to your body. As with the passage of time, the dead skin sheds by the new cells, thus fading the tanning color. Tan generally lasts for about a week.

Spray tanning is normally preferred done in the salons but if you wanna save some money, you can experience spray tanning even at your home. Buy a spray tan and know about the working and necessary instructions regarding it. The spray is worked to emit the fine drizzle of the tanning solution evenly. The result will be visible after an hour or maximum two.


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There are a number of benefits of the spray tanning:


  • Due to spray tanning options, you could get your skin tanned whenever and wherever you wish to.
  • You could even pick among the wide varieties of spray tanning colors.
  • Spray tanning dries up much faster than any other tanning method, making less stains over your clothes.
  • It is better than others as they do not leave you with the streaks and botched skin.
  • It lasts for a week while other wet tanning solutions generally stays for only 2-3 days.

It is recommended to exfoliate your skin first to prevent any disasters during the spray tanning. Also avoid using any lotions, perfumes and any cosmetic material the treatment, as they might alter the results. Do book your Spray Tan in Peterborough now.

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