Facts Related to Different Kinds of Lemons, Easy to Purchase from Lemon Suppliers

Lemon is a citrus fruit available in both acidic and sweet flavours. The acidic lemons are grown commercially and Mexico along with India, China, Brazil and Argentina are top lemon producing nations in the world. The lemon tree blooms year-round and lasts for 100 years also. A healthy lemon tree reaches 3-6 meters high and produces 225-270 Kgs of lemons on an average. Just like mangoes, even different kinds of lemons are available in the market and easy to purchase from licensed lemon suppliers.

Top 3 Varieties of Lemons

The most popular lemon varieties are as follows:

Eureka Lemons: Having a nipple end, Eureka lemons are grown on those trees that have no thorns and bear fruit all year round. Due to the availability of lemons year-round, farmers prefer growing this variety of lemon.

Libson Lemons: Looks similar to Eureka lemons, it has medium thickness and is very acidic. These lemons have no or little seeds and people often confuse between Libson and Eureka lemons due to prominent nipple end. But there is one visible difference. These lemons have pointed end whereas the Eureka lemons have short neck end.  If you are unable to differentiate between Eureka and Libson variety, ask from reputed lemon suppliers and they will help you in choosing the right piece.

Meyer Lemons: The interesting fact is Meyer lemons are a combination of sweet orange and lemon, such a mandarin. These lemons are sweet, juicy, slightly acidic and usually have yellowish-orange pulp as well as color. Because of their sweet taste and floral aroma, this variety of lemon is famous amongst professional chefs for making various dishes right from sorbets to tarts. This is one variety that is easy to find in grocery stores or farmer’s market.  These lemons are the best to purchase from online lemon suppliers if you are not finding them anywhere.

Organic lemon is a new variety of lemon and is quickly outshining the demand of lemon grown with traditional methods. It is because they do not contain any chemicals or pesticides. So, those people who commonly use the peel and rind, they should purchase organic lemons.

Mexico based organic Lemon supplier deal with various kinds of lemons and successfully meet customers’ demands. They source only uniformed-size lemons that look beautiful with no spots on the peel.  Moreover, they offer doorstep delivery by packing lemons in wooden or carton boxes so that there is no scope of damage during the transit. So, if you only want the high-quality lemon, look no further than reputed suppliers.

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