Facts You Should Know about Natural Hair Dyes

People have been using natural dyes for years. Some of them like to use natural dyes while others at times move to cosmetic ones as per their requirements. Hair colour undoubtedly works like magic and can instantly transform any one’s looks and make him or her look glamorous in their upcoming parties or occasions. Also it works great for the people who are old and want to look younger as they can erase their years of aging in just a few minutes by covering all of their grey hairs.

Sanotint natural hair dyes

Depending upon what you are trying to achieve from your hair-colouring products will always require the chemical agents usage. If you want permanent hair dyes to work properly you should have open hair cuticles to deposit and lighten colour.

Natural hair dyes like Sanotint can help you in colouring your hair in your favorite colours, and boost the natural growth of your hairs.

Few facts you should know about the Sanotint natural hair dyes:

PPD free hair dye:

The Sanotint hair dye is completely free from p-phenylene-diamine, the substance that can cause skin irritation and can force many people to stop colouring their hair. For perfect coverage, Sanotint hair dye can be used as it comprises no metals or ammonia and is quite suitable for sensitive skin.

Natural Ingredients:

Sanotint is a type of natural permanent hair dye and can be used by everyone, even the people having sensitive skin. The Sanotint hair dye is Paraben free, Ammonia free, no metals, no Nickel, no Silicones, no added preservatives, no derivatives of any kind from animals. The hair dye is composed of various natural ingredients for example Golden Millet extract which is used for protecting your hair.


The Sanotint is composed of plant extracts and is available in about thirty splendid shades for colouring of hairs without causing any damage. It is one of the hair colours that is rich with Golden Millet Extracts, Silica, and is quite important for providing structure and protection for hair. It is composed of Bitcoin and Pantothenate Calcium, protecting and nourishing ingredients for helping hairs in shining and making them silky.

Nourishes hair:

Many people complain about skin breakouts, losing hair, hives and swellings on using the hair dyes. The Sanotint dyes are such that they can help you in nourishing your hair from within and provide you with ever-lasting and shining hair. The dye is best for sensitive skin and for allergic reactions. It allows your hairs to grow naturally healthy and without any confrontation with chemicals.

The company also recommends a patch test that can be performed on the user to know about all the possible product allergic and sensitive reactions and only rare people have reported to have reactions till now. If you have anything in your mind before then you can choose to check your scalp skin for the reaction. This process will safeguard you from getting into any kind of chemicals that can harm your skin.

The natural dyes like Sanotint are readily available in the market and allow people to take the advantage of covering their grey hair and nourishing their scalp from the ends. The natural dyes do not contain any chemicals and they are one of the best products to be applied on your hair. Always try to use chemical free products as it will not cause any reaction and be allergic and will keep your natural beauty intact for years to come.

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