Fallout 5: Things Bethesda Should Consider Before Releasing the Game

Fallout has been tending to everyone’s undying love for Western role-playing games since the late 90s. Before Bethesda took the game over from Interplay, it was primarily in a three dimensional and top-down/side perspective. But after taking over in 2007, the game was revamped and equipped with a first-person viewpoint. Fallout 4 fell far from the tree when the players felt it was focusing more on crawling in dark cells rather than a decision focused concept. The series has not progressed in the ideal direction, but fans are hopeful about the game’s future. Here is a list of the changes that the next Fallout game must include to redeem itself:

Grim Humor

Back in the day when Interplay owned the game, it was full of macabre jokes, but since the takeover of Fallout, the tone has turned very heavy over the years. Some gags do appear, but the sighting is very scarce. Post-apocalypse depiction should not necessarily mean a lack of humor. Players appreciate some jokes, no matter how nihilistic they may be.

Gripping Decisions

People were willing to give Fallout 3 the benefit of the doubt, but Fallout 4 was inexcusable. It is borderline impossible to build an immoral and crooked character because no matter how coarse your dialogue choice is, the character will somehow end up being a good guy. Rival games like Witcher 3 have a much advanced and skilled decision-making configuration. Bethesda needs to buck up their game to have a fair shot.

Enhanced Aim

The existence of the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (VATS) is the saving grace for gamers who like combat games. Fallout may have been the inception point of RPG games, but it is also a combat-centric game, which is why aiming and shooting are essential. But despite that, the aim of Fallout is crooked and unstable. If the company intends to continue any further with the game, they need to fix it to make the aim smooth.

Lesser Glitches at the Time of Launch

This expectation is least likely to materialize, but one can always wish. Bethesda has an unparalleled track record of launching games riddled with glitches and untended bugs. Some of these bugs in the consoles are never addressed at all. Though they do have commendable post-launch coordination, it will still be preferable if the first attempt is not problematic. Gamers are losing hours of gameplay because of a bug, and it becomes very annoying beyond one point.

Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

There is no fun in playing a game where the primary character’s enemy is not even half as smart. There is no thrill in out-maneuvering a villain if it does not even require any brainstorming. A more intelligent AI and a cunning foe make for a captivating story that the gamers can narrate. Bethesda needs to break the pattern of creating stupid rivals and work harder on their AI.

Begin the Game From Anywhere but the Vault

Fallout has a constant pattern of beginning the game in the underground Vault. The idea is unique and has been credited for it, but it is getting repetitive now. A vast landscape is endowed to the game, and it is time that the makers try to experiment with a completely new point of beginning.

Liberty to Better Customize the Characters

Bethesda’s biggest charm is the allowance to create unique characters and a high number of customization options. But a few more will be more than welcome. Recently, their games have made it challenging to create the face of the chosen character. The character begins to look absurd with the most minimalistic changes. Preset options for such a game will be a boon in disguise for the gamers. At present, players try their best to avoid making changes to the face and just switch to hair and physique.

Increase Worldly Interaction

One of the urgent issues Bethesda needs to work on is the style in which they want the users to interact with the virtual world of the games. It will be fun if the objects surrounding the characters react in the same way they would in real life. It may be considered a high expectation, but implementing this idea can make the game revolutionary.

Bethesda needs to take time to reflect on the mistakes made in Fallout: New Vegas, and try to avoid repeating them in the upcoming game.

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