Families return to ask for mortgages

The real estate sector sees pink, albeit timidly.

The first signs of recovery were recorded in 2015, after the long and steep decline observed since 2007, and were largely confirmed in 2016, and the positive trend continues in 2021. The Report on the Real Estate Market of Filip foresees an increase in sales over the first half of this year.

The causes of this recovery of the residential market depend on four factors: first of all, the fact that for a good of use such as a house, the purchase can be postponed, but not indefinitely, and under certain price levels it is difficult. descend. Secondly, the economic situation is starting to show signs of recovery that are reflected in the confidence of families. To convince buyers are the further decrease in house prices and interest rates, the willingness of banks to finance that in many cases it has convinced the most doubtful to decide on the purchase. 

In 2016, transactions increased by 17%. A  tow the market where the main city in the North’s capital, in particular, Torino  (+ 26%), followed closely by  Genoa,  Bologna, and  Milan, with an increase between 20 and 22%. There is a sharp rise in purchases through mortgage loans, a formula that was chosen by the majority of buyers (56%) in 2021. The decrease in interest rates and the stability of the average disbursed capital per unit cover on average 70% of the value of the property.

The most popular type of home is the three-room apartment, chosen by 41% of buyers, followed by the two-room apartment (19%). Only 5% choose the studio apartment.

The confidence of households and the availability of banks are the preconditions for a positive 2021  for the brick market. In anticipation of a possible rise in prices in the second half of the year, this is the right time to insurance  invest.

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