FAQ’s of the best weight loss pills containing Orlistat


Orlistat containing drugs are the best weight loss pills. These pills are widely used by people who suffer from obesity to reduce weight. The Alli brand, containing weight loss drug is available over the counter whereas, Xenical is another brand, which is a prescription-based drug. Such pills are usually used by people who are unable to lose weight with just exercise.

Many people worldwide are suffering from weight gain and obesity. However, usually by doing regular exercise and diet one can lose weight. But for obese people, only physical workout and diet do not work. In such a condition, the physician may prescribe one of the weight loss medications that are well-known to give the desired result.

However, in the market, there are many prescription and over the counter drugs that help to lose weight. The best weight loss pills that contain Orlistat are widely used. The two best weight loss pills that are actively composed of Orlistat are Xenical and Alli. Xenical; is a prescription-based drug and Alli is an OTC drug.

As mentioned above, many people are a victim of obesity, and they may wish to try the best weight loss pills to lose weight, but such people may have certain questions and doubts regarding this drug. So, here are some frequently asked questions about the best weight loss pills.

1. Why is Orlistat used?

A: Orlistat is an active drug that is used in the best weight loss pills. It acts to reduce fat, which helps a person to lose weight. It is usually recommended to obese people.

2. Does Orlistat Work By Itself?

A: No. if an obesity patient is taking Xenical, which contains Orlistat, he/ she should maintain a proper diet and must do physical workout daily. Only then Orlistat will show effective weight loss.

3. How should I take Xenical?

A: Usually, these best weight loss pills are taken three times in 24 hours with food. In case, if you are consuming a fat-free meal then there is no need to take this drug. Also, if you skip one of the meals, in such a case do not take the pill. However, you should follow the dosage as indicated by your doctor.

4. How efficient is Orlistat to reduce weight?

A: In a research study, people who took medication Xenical with a low-calorie diet showed 5% of weight reduction. Therefore, it indicates that taking the best weight loss pills with a healthy diet and exercise will show desired effective results.

5. What are the common side effects of the best weight loss pills?

A: Taking medications to lose weight may cause some common side effects such as drowsiness, oily spotting, oily loose stools, gas, stomach ache, etc. However, in case of serious side effects, you should immediately seek medical help.

6. What if I miss a dose of Orlistat?

A: You should immediately take the dosage as soon as you remember, but within an hour after consuming the meal. Do not take the pill after an hour of consuming your meal. In spite, take the next dosage as scheduled. Avoid taking extra dosage if missed.

7. What are the other therapeutic uses of the best weight loss pills?

A: The weight loss medications can be used to decrease blood pressure, decrease the danger of type 2 diabetes, to rectify good to bad cholesterol ratio, etc. These are some other therapeutic uses of weight loss medications.
Concluding, one should take such pills under medical supervision. Do not take these drugs on your own to avoid severe side effects.

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