FAQs on media and communication degrees

Over the years, media courses have become the preferred study program owing to the various benefits and job opportunities it offers. If you want your inner creativity to reach the world then, you need to head to a media school today. But before enrolling for a media course, you need to understand about the degree well.

  • What are media and communications all about?


A media degree covers the history and effects of various forms of media on society. It also allows you to discover how these mediums convey a key message differently. These courses may take reference from social sciences and humanities, but the focus remains on communication and its studies.


  • What are the learnings from media courses?


A media school offers the following studies:

  • Media courses have different programs under them. The school also varies accordingly
  • The first-year exposes students to various research theories, enabling the students to understand the role media has on the society
  • The second and third-year modules go deeper and explore the media’s effects on feminism, war, race, politics, crime, and sports
  • They also cover techniques related to film making, documentaries, mobile media, radio technology, and video gaming
  • Most courses allow students to choose between advertising, journalism, and entertainment in the third-year


  • What to study in high school if taking up a media course?

Considering the world is advancing to the latest technologies, it is beneficial to take up media courses. However, it is not a requirement. Also, not all school of communication offer these programs. For enrolling yourself in the media field, you need to possess the drive. Some universities seek portfolio before providing admission.


  • What are the job avenues after studying media and communication?

Some of the obvious opportunities after completing media courses are film making, journalism, radio, photography, and so on. Other options also include public relations, theatre, Government-related role, freelancing, marketing, advertising agencies, and teaching.

  • Who have studied mass media earlier?

Bollywood celebrities have not learnt the art of media before appearing on the television or big picture. Some, however, have absorbed film making abroad or worked in theatre before appearing in movies. You also have mastermind behind India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi 2014 election campaign, Piyush Pandey, who is the biggest name in the Advertising world. Whereas Hollywood stars like Matthew McConaughey has studied radio, television, and film in a university at Texas.

  • Who is the ideal candidate for the media courses?

If you feel you possess good communication skills, have the desire to spread your thoughts, can exhibit strong writing and verbal skills, and have a never-ending curiosity to learn, then you should enrol yourself into a media school right away.

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