FAQs on Tension Set Rings: Answered

Designer tension set rings

Whether you are looking for a designer ring to surprise your loved ones or propose to the love of your life, finding a unique ring is the choice of many. If you are looking for a contemporary ring that accentuates the center diamond and captures the spotlight, designer tension set rings should be your choice. 

The tension set ring is a uniquely designed ring that uses the tensile force between the two metals to hold the center diamond in position. The metal surrounding the gemstone is minimal, so the entire focus shifts on the diamond. The ring gives the appearance of a diamond floating mid-air miraculously.

Tension set rings have piqued the interest of many. We have answered some of the frequently asked questions about this unique designer ring.

What Makes Tension Set Rings Unique?

Most diamond rings have traditional settings. Tiny clasps, baskets, or prongs secure the diamonds. However, in designer tension set rings, no clasps, baskets, or prongs secure the diamond in its position. Instead, the design of the ring and the pressure between the metals hold the stone in its place. 

How does the Center Diamond Not Fall out of its Position? 

The tension exerted between the two metal openings secures the diamond in its place. The two sides act like a clamp and ensure that the diamond doesn’t fall out of its position. 

How safe is Tension Set Rings?

Often people worry about the diamond in tension set rings coming off. However, it is not possible until there is blunt trauma to the ring. Unlike prong setting rings, tension set rings don’t weaken over time. You don’t need to bring your ring regularly to the jeweler for maintenance. 

Why Should You Consider the Tension Set Rings?

Are you still on the fence about why should your chosen tension set rings over its other counterparts? Let’s find the answer to this question in its advantages:

  • One of the most significant advantages of tension set rings is that the entire gemstone is on display. As more light enters the diamonds, it sparkles to their complete capacity. 

  • As the tension set rings look dramatic and unusual, they will attract a lot of attention. People will be intrigued by its design and will try to find out how the diamond is secured in its place.

  • While shopping for the tension set rings, you don’t need to compromise with your metal choice. Most metals are used to handcraft these unique rings, including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

What are Suitable Diamond Cuts for Tension Set Rings? 

Round cut, emerald cuts, and princess cut diamonds are suitable for tension set rings. The setting also beautifully complements the ovals and pear-shaped diamonds. 

How to Care for Tension Set Rings?

Clean your tension set ring regularly with warm water, dish soap, or jewelry cleaner. When being involved in hand-heavy activity, we recommend taking your ring out and storing it in a secure place.

The Bottom Line

The tension set rings are the exception and a unique piece of jewelry. They are stunning, durable, and one-of-a-kind ring.   

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