Fashionable Ways to Wear Crazy Socks for Men


Socks are one of the unsung heroes of men’s fashion. It may seem like you’re only wearing them under your pants, but in reality, socks can make an enormous statement

If you’ve been putting off getting funky socks because they look too childish or you don’t know how to wear them, these tips on how to style can reap all the benefits of great foot fashion and comfort that come from wearing socks that make you feel confident and great about yourself.

Wear Them with Skinny Jeans

These days, socks are more than just a necessity. They can be the perfect finishing touch on an outfit. When it comes to men’s socks, they are often overlooked as a fashion accessory. But with the right pair of frilly socks, you can create an exciting look without even trying hard. The best part is that there are so many different styles of crazy men’s socks available these days that you’re sure to find something that speaks to your unique style.

Rock Them with Shorts

Rock your crazy socks with shorts by pairing them with your favourite pair of jean shorts. The length of the sock will depend on where you want the seam to be on your leg, but make sure that the sock is not too long so it doesn’t come up over your shin. You can also rock shorter socks with shorts when they are rolled down or folded over at the knee.

Layer Crazy Socks with Boots

Layer your crazy socks with boots, lace-ups, or even sneakers. Don’t be afraid to wear different colours that don’t match, as long as you keep the pants in the same colour family. Add a statement piece of jewellery like a bracelet or watch to complete the look. If you want to go bold, combine funny socks for men with baggy joggers and a fitted tee. For the more adventurous dresser, try layering your black suit pants over colourful printed ones (this one’s for the boardroom). The crazier they are, the better they’ll look.

Fun Socks with a T-shirt

If you want to make a statement with your socks, then t-shirts are the way to go. Match the colour of your t-shirt with your socks to make a statement. Wearing mismatched colours is sure to get people’s attention! You can also wear crazy socks with jeans or shorts for a casual look. With a suit it depends on how formal the event is; if it’s more formal you should stick to plain coloured socks or match them with the colour of the suit pants.

Use Funky Socks as an Accent Piece

If you’re a guy who wants to wear fun socks but doesn’t want to draw too much attention, go with some of the more subtle designs. If you have a tie or shirt on that has a crazy pattern, consider wearing this pattern on your socks as well. This way you’ll be able to show off your style without making everyone around you think you’re crazy. One way that guys can really make their socks stand out is by using them as an accent piece.

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