Fasteners and tools at one place

Manufacturing industries are always on the lookout for the best tools and equipment for the
manufacturing processes. These businesses have to go from shop to shop to find different kinds
of tools as hardly anyone enterprise deals with a range of tools and equipment. This results in
the wastage of time and labour in just sourcing the raw materials for production units.
In recent times, the use of technology has opened various market channels for businesses to
source their materials from. The growing shift of the market to online platforms has led to an
ease of finding suppliers of various materials from any part of the world.
Manufacturing industries like automobile, furniture, electronics, home appliances and even
agricultural units require various tools for manufacturing their products. One of the most
important tools used by these industries is different kinds of fasteners. Fasteners are hardware
tools used by almost all industries to create temporary joints in the structure of any product by
joining two ends. These joints are made with the help of various fastening tools which are
available in the market.

If you are a production unit looking for any kind of fasteners, then Fastener World provides a
range of products catering to the customisable needs of their customers. They provide a one-
stop solution for all kinds of fastener related needs of their clients from the automobile industry
to agricultural units. They have experience of over 30 years in fastener production and they
have been catering to the customised needs of their customers as well. They have a wide array
of fasteners which each fastener further divided into sub-categories:
● Nuts: Hex nuts, flange nuts. nylock nuts, cap/doom nuts, cage nuts, wheel nuts are
some of the options available in the nuts category.
● Bolts: Some of the options in bolts include hex bolts, flange bolts, wheel bolts and weld
bolts. They are flange bolts manufacturers as well.
● Socket Head Bolts: Some socket head bolts provided by them are Allen bolts, CSK Allen
Bolts, Button Head Allen Bolts, Grub Screw and L key.

● Screws: They have a wide range of screws from machine screws, self-tapping screws,
self-drilling screws, wood screw, coach screw and gypsum screws.
● Washers: There are various washers available like plain/punched washers, spring
washer, machine washer, star washer and special washers.
● Studs: The alternatives available in studs are double-ended studs, oversize studs, full
threaded studs and threaded rods
● Anti-Theft Fasteners
● Special Fasteners: There are six kinds of special fasteners available with them.

Fastener World looks after each of their customers specialized needs and tries to provide the
most suitable products accordingly. The customers don’t need to worry about the quality of the
fasteners produced by them as they have a special team of quality check control that makes
sure the best products are delivered to their clients. They not only take care of their customers
at the time of the sale, but they have an after-sale service that is present to resolve all queries of
the customers after the sale has been made. Fastener World is one of the best screw
manufacturers in Delhi. If you are looking for the best flange bolts manufacturers or best screw
manufacturers in Delhi or even from anywhere in India, Fastener World provide the solution for
your needs.

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