Feature of Inventory Management System

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Inventory management is a great system that makes every business’s data management easy. It will help you to maintain the ins and outs of the products in stock or warehouses. The aim of carrying inventory management software is to be aware of your business history and data. When it comes to aftermarket auto parts, if you choose effective inventory management software, it will help you carry out the most crucial tasks like tracking product levels, tracking shipments, purchases, sales, and many other things that go smoothly. If you have the best inventory software, it can solve lots of problems. In this article, we will go over the inventory management system’s features.

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Inventory management is centralized

This inventory management software enables you to manage your business in a centralized manner. It is not about a bunch of single modules operating separately. Also ensures that all the modules are connected, which is why the information is available in one centralized place. This system allows you to connect with various aspects and modules of a business and obtain instant information for a specific location. It will increase collaboration and pave the path for active inventory management. It will help you to keep the right stock in your warehouses.

Inventory Control

Inventory control handles all the products that are available in stock. It plays a vital role in supply chain management. Inventory control always tries to categorize based on their type, location, and serial number, audit data. It will generate real-time results and search views and filter the products.

You Keep Track of Your Inventory

When you enter any shop, maybe you have noticed that the sales rep uses a machine on every single thing you buy. You can use the bar code as an advantage. It will help you to know about the product, its cost, how it is picked up, shipped, and many other details related to the product. If you want, you can use radio frequency identification (RFID) to track inventory and active RFID if you want real-time tracking information and security. For example, if you choose Active RFID, you will get the live location for delivery. Also, you can go with RFID if you feel that there is no threat to security.

Real-time inventory tracking

This inventory management software will help you know the exact data about what you have or which brand. Also, it needs to reflect in real-time any stock movements in the warehouse. That means:

  • Sales orders are reflected in the stock position. Like, you don’t need to sell a thing two times or sell anything that you cannot deliver.
  • Warehouse transfers show up in real-time.
  • You can track the consignment stock, even if it’s seized in any other store.

Barcoding and Tagging

Barcoding modules help businesses to neglect human errors. Barcode scanning offers you fast and trustworthy solutions. Also, it will reduce your training time because barcodes don’t need any master for scanning. It will save you time and you can utilize that time for other business planning. A few years back, businesses used traditional media and made lots of efforts to train their employees. If you choose barcoding, it will improve your inventory management and track things.

These are the things you will get while using barcode scanning:

  • Simply scan the barcode.
  • Fast performance
  • Record the data faster than with manual work.
  • You will get the precise details of the products.
  • Locate products
  • Tagging and barcoding
  • Inventory management systems


These are a few features you should know about while using inventory management software. Rather, if you are looking for aftermarket car parts, you can connect with us.

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