Features of a Nurse Call System

The nurse call system may look very simple but most people have a vague familiarity with it. Most people do not know how the Jeron 13665B systems work. In case you are wondering how these systems work, then you have come to the right place. The nurse call system allows patients to call the nurse on duty easily.
There are nurse call systems that make it easy for the staff to communicate with each other. It is easy to understand the nurse call system functions. However, it is still complex and there are many components. There are some features of the system that will make it easy to understand how it works. Here are some of those features.
Pillow speaker
The pillow speaker makes it easy for the patient to contact the caregiver, control the over bed lights and even the TV. Patients with limited movement can use alternative breathe calls. The breathe calls can be plugged into the wall station that allows the patient to reach the caregivers by exhaling or inhaling into a tube.
Wall station
The wall station has the speaker and microphone to make communication between the patient and nurse simpler. It has the code blue button. The wall station makes it easier to connect the ventilators or IV pumps. Thus, there will be alerts whenever the alarm goes off. The nurse gets notified quickly when the equipment alarms.
Bed cable
The bed cable is an important feature in a nurse call system. The bed cable makes it easier to connect the bed to the wall station. Once the bed alarm has been set the staff to know when a patient is not allowed to exit a bed attempts to do so. The patient can also call the nurse using the button on the bed rail.
Desk console
The other feature of the Jeron 13665B system is the desk console. The desk console looks similar to a telephone. It allows the nurse to answer a call or call into the patient’s rooms when necessary.
Code blue
Code blue features enable the patients to get help as soon as possible. The code blue is used to signify when a patient needs immediate help. Whenever a staff member presses the code blue button, alerts will go off at the nurse’s station and outside the room. It also goes off in areas where the nurse call system has been set.
Visitors can also use the call system on behalf of the patient. There are different options of the modern nurse system that staff and patients can use. Nowadays, things have been made easier for the patient to get the nurse’s attention.
You can get an ideal nurse call system for your hospital no that you now some of the features you benefit from. You can have a nurse system made ideal for your healthcare needs. you can have it installed and ready for use. Invest in a modern nurse call system and it will improve the productivity of your healthcare providers.


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